sql database operating environment

What software is used to write and run the database SQL language?

1, MicrosoftSQLServer

SQLServer is a relational database management system introduced by Microsoft Corporation. It has the advantages of easy to use, good scalability and high degree of integration with related software, and can be used across a variety of platforms from running MicrosoftWindows98 laptop computers to running MicrosoftWindows2012 large multi-processor servers and so on.

MicrosoftSQLServer is a comprehensive database platform that provides enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The MicrosoftSQLServer database engine provides more secure and reliable storage for both relational and structured data, allowing you to build and manage highly available and high-performance data applications for your business. and high-performance data applications for your business.

2, Oracle Database

It is in the database field has been a leading product. It can be said that the Oracle database system is currently the world’s popular relational database management system, the system is portable, easy to use, functional, applicable to all types of large, medium, small, microcomputer environment. It is a high efficiency, good reliability, adapt to high throughput database program.

3, DB2

IBM developed a relational database system. DB2 is mainly used in large-scale application systems, with good scalability, can support from the mainframe to single-user environments, applied to OS/2. Windows and other platforms.

DB2 provides a high level of data utilization, integrity, security, recoverability, and the ability to execute small to large-scale applications with basic platform-independent functionality and SQL commands.

4. MySQL

MySQL is a small relational database management system developed by the Swedish company MySQLAB. In January 16, 2008, it was acquired by Sun. And in 2009, SUN was acquired by Oracle.

No one is optimistic about the future of Mysql. Currently MySQL is widely used in small and medium-sized websites on the Internet. Because of its small size, fast speed, low total cost of ownership, and especially the open source feature, many small and medium-sized websites have chosen MySQL as their website database in order to reduce the total cost of ownership of the website.

5, Sybase

Sybase was founded in November 1984 and is headquartered in Emeryville, California (now Dublin, California). As one of the world’s largest independent software vendors, Sybase Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses and other various organizations manage and distribute applications, content and data.

Sybase’s products and professional technical services provide organizations with integrated solutions and a comprehensive application development platform.

As a globally recognized multinational company with offices in 63 countries, Sybase has more than 40,000 customers focused on the financial services, government, telecommunications, healthcare, and media services industries.

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Installing a database server is the database environment.