Still can’t get online after changing ip address

How to change the ip address of the computer, I changed it a few times myself and couldn’t connect to the network

Changing the IP address of the computer Procedure:

(1) Click on the network icon in the lower right corner;

(2) Click on the Network and Sharing Center that pops up;

(3) Click on the network that you’re using;

(4) Click Network Connection Properties;

(5) Select Protocol 4, click Properties;

(6) Select the series of IP addresses to be used, enter the IP address and DNS servers, and click OK, and then the IP modification is completed.


1, the IP address needs to be the same as the router address address segment, such as the router segment for, then the computer IP modify

2, DNS servers are provided by the operator, and the DNS server address is different in each place.

Why can’t I connect to the Internet after setting up a fixed ip?

After setting up a fixed ip, if you are sure that the network signal and network equipment is normal, it is likely that the IP address is set incorrectly or the IP address conflict with the actual IP address is not due to the same network segment. Need to re-configure the correct IP address, the operation is as follows:

A, WINXP settings as an example:

(1) Click on the “Online Neighborhood” – “Local Connection “–“Properties”; 1592501034101768

(2) Click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) – Properties” in the Local Connection Properties window; 2020/06/19/01/

(3) Configure the IP address, gateway and DNS parameters in the “General” tab (see the router’s manual or call for details). If you have a router set up with DCHP on, you can automatically assign the correct IP address, then you can set the IP address and DNS to “Automatically search for obtaining”).


B. Take WIN7 wireless network settings as an example:

(1) Click on “Control Panel “-” Network and INTERNET “-” View network status and tasks “, select the connection but can not access the Internet wireless network connection, in the pop-up window click on its “Properties”;

(2) Click on the wireless network connection properties window “Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) – Properties”;

(2) Click on the wireless network connection properties window “Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) – Properties”;

(3) Click on the wireless network connection properties window “Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) –Properties”;

(3)Configure the correct IP address in the “General” tab “Use the following IP address” and “Use the following DNS server addresses “Configure the correct IP address, gateway and DNS parameters (specific parameters can be checked in the router’s manual or ask the broadband provider by phone; if the router is set to open the DCHP, which automatically assigns the correct IP address, then the IP address and DNS can be set to “auto search to obtain”).

If there are other computers on the same network that can access the Internet via WIFI, you can get the correct IP address via the “ipconfig/all” command. “Command Prompt”, enter the command “ipconfig/all” and enter.


(2) Execute the command to display all the network configurations, and then find the IPv4 address of this item, followed by the value of the available IP addresses, of course, there are also the gateway, DNS servers, the primary and alternate addresses, these will be all the IPv4 addresses. primary and alternate addresses, write these down. Then go back to the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties window, fill in the data you just wrote down one by one, and then check the “Verify Settings on Exit” to verify that it is better, OK. If the above parameters are invalid, you can check the router’s manual or call your network provider to make sure.



1、定期使用安全软件如360安全卫士或类似软件检测是否遭到病毒感染或网络攻击,以采取相应措施。 measures.

2. Troubleshooting other factors: If the above operation is ineffective, you need to log in to the modem or router to check whether the parameters are set properly. If you are not sure if you have the right password for your wireless network, then you should check your network settings. Especially if the wireless Internet password is incorrect, may be tampered with (because the router login account and password are generally default: ADMIN or BOOT, familiar with the network of the same segment users can log in at any time to modify the parameters of the router login IP address is also generally printed on the router shell label, such as:, you need to log in to the router (router login account and password if). If the router login account number and password have been tampered with, you can reset the router by long-pressing the RESET button on the router shell under power-on condition), and then you can restore the original login account password and all other parameters.

The phone is not connected to the Internet after using the change ip address software

The phone is connected to the wifi, basically use the default IP address, then this IP address once the conflict or get failure, even if connected to the Internet is not available.

1, open the wifi connection settings page, where you can see the phone has been connected to the wifi, we long press the wifi, and then choose to modify the network.

2, into the wifi modification settings interface, here we directly check the display of advanced options, advanced options appear, click on the IP and then select the static button to solve it.