Taobao auto shipment is a few days to ship ah

How long does it take for Taobao to auto ship

This is not fixed.

Virtual items

Some are auto-shipped items.

But the shipping speed is not exactly the same.

Generally they are shipped right after you take the picture and pay for it.

It can also be delayed due to

internet delays

, busy or

out of stock


If you don’t receive the item in time, just contact the seller and ask for clarification

Virtual goods

Purchase is safe. Refunds can be requested at any time.

Taobao buyers pay a few days after the seller must point delivery?

Taobao does not have the relevant provisions of the delivery time, to the seller’s commitment to the delivery time shall prevail, the default delivery time for 3 days.

If the order for the “buyer has paid”, this time the transaction is not automatically confirmed receipt of payment to the seller, please rest assured. Do not worry about the automatic receipt of goods.

1, you can click on the “reminder to ship” or direct Want to contact the seller to confirm delivery.

2, if you can not contact the seller can apply for a refund, after the application if the seller does not deal with 48 hours, the system will automatically refund; if the seller clicks on the shipment, the refund will be automatically closed, you need to re-apply for a refund.

Extended Information

Just paid a few days to ship?

The logistics of the situation is generally the same day or the next day delivery 3-4 days to receive the oh, now the rapid development of the economy, our country is getting better and better, science and technology network is getting faster and faster!

You guys if it says 30 days to ship to the thirty days will be automatically shipped or have to manually ah?

Shipping within 30 days is set by the merchant shipment time, not to say that the thirty days will be automatically shipped, regardless of the day of shipment need to be manually shipped by the merchant. If the merchant does not ship within the agreed time, the buyer may request a certain amount of financial compensation.