The main purpose of an on-site search engine

What is a search engine and what does it do?

A search engine is a system that collects information from the Internet

according to a certain strategy,

using a specific computer program, and after organizing and processing the information,

provides users with retrieval services, and displays the information that the user has checked

searched for to the user.

The role of the search engine: 1. to bring traffic to the site,

(screen name, users, visits)

2. to allow Internet users to get information quickly.

Summary in one sentence: collect information + organization and information + show users

What is the main function of a search engine

The main function of a search engine is to allow users to quickly find what they need among millions of Web sites

A Web site search engine is a WWW server on the Internet that makes it possible for users to quickly find information among millions of Web sites. At present, there are many search engines on the Internet, they can do the following. ① can actively search for information on other WWW servers on the Internet and collect it into the search engine server. ② can collect information on the classification and organization, automatic indexing and the establishment of a large search engine database. ③ can be used as a browser interface for users to search for information. Users enter the search engine through the host name of the search engine, just enter the appropriate keywords to find the relevant Web site, and can provide relevant links. …………………………………………………………………………….

■ Full-text search engine

In the search engine classification section we mentioned the full-text search engine from the site to extract information to build a web page database concept. There are two types of automated information-gathering functions of search engines. One is a regular search, that is, every once in a while (for example, Google is generally 28 days), the search engine initiative to send a “spider” program, a certain range of IP addresses within the Internet site search, once the discovery of new sites, it will automatically extract the site’s information and Web site URLs to join their own database.

When a user searches for information with a keyword, the search engine searches the database, and if it finds a site that matches the user’s request, it uses a special algorithm-usually based on the degree of keyword match in the web page, the location/frequency of the keyword, and the quality of the links to the site-to calculate the relevance of each web page. -calculates the relevance and ranking level of each web page, and then returns these web links to the user in order of relevance.


■ Directory indexing

Directory indexing has a number of differences compared to full-text search engines.

First, search engines are automated site searches, whereas directory indexing relies entirely on manual operations. After a user submits a Web site, a directory editor personally browses your site and decides whether or not to accept it based on a set of self-defined criteria or even the editor’s subjective impression.

Secondly, when search engines include a website, as long as the website itself does not violate the relevant rules, it can generally be logged in successfully. The directory index of the website is much higher requirements, sometimes even if the login many times may not be successful. Especially like the Yahoo! super index, login is even more difficult. (Because of the difficulty of logging into Yahoo! and it is the place where businessmen’s online marketing must compete, so we will use a special section later to introduce the skills of logging into Yahoo!

Additionally, when logging into a search engine, we generally do not need to consider the classification of the website, while when logging into the directory index, you must place the website in the most appropriate directory (Directory). ).

Directory index, as the name suggests, is the site is divided into categories stored in the corresponding directory, so users in the query information, you can choose to search by keywords, but also according to the classification of the directory layer by layer to find. Such as keyword search, the return results with the same search engine, also according to the degree of information related to the arrangement of the site, but which human factors to be more. If the hierarchical directory search, a directory of the site’s ranking is determined by the title of the alphabetical order (there are exceptions).

Currently, search engines and directory indexes have a tendency to integrate and penetrate each other. The original some pure full-text search engine now also provides directory search, such as Google borrowed OpenDirectory directory to provide categorized query. And like Yahoo! these old directory index is through the cooperation with Google and other search engines to expand the scope of search (note). In the default search mode, some directory search engines first return their own directory of matching sites, such as domestic Sohu, Sina, NetEase, etc.; while others default to web search, such as Yahoo.

What is a search engine? What is the role?

The search engine (SearchEngine) is a system that collects information from the Internet according to a certain strategy, using a specific computer program, and after organizing and processing the information, provides users with retrieval services, and displays the information related to the user’s search to the user.

Search engines include full-text indexing, directory indexing, meta-search engines, vertical search engines, aggregate search engines, portal search engines and free link lists. For example, Baidu is a popular search engine.

Extended information:

Steps to use a search engine, using Baidu as an example:

The ultimate goal of search engine marketing is ( ).


This question examines the goals of search engines.

Search engine marketing goals include four levels:

1. to be included in search engines

2. to rank high in search results

3. to increase the rate of user clicks (click-throughs)

4. to convert visitors into customers

In these four levels, the first three can be interpreted as a process of search engine marketing, and only converting viewers into customers is the ultimate goal.

Comprehensive analysis, this question is D.

What is the purpose of search engine optimization?

Even if the ranking is very high, but most of the visitors brought are not the potential customers you need, and ultimately can not become your customers, then you are laboring for nothing, a waste of time, so we believe that the test of the success of the SEO standard is not the search results ranked in the front can be.

In fact, its fundamental purpose is to fundamentally and continuously improve the structure and content of the site, and then give the search engine to provide a good source of information, and finally, after these to obtain a large number of revenues is our ultimate goal, but on this ultimate goal but also permanently and successfully have been maintained. the basic purpose of SEO is to continuously optimize the internal structure of the site, increase the amount of information bearing, expand the data connectivity and expand the site. The basic purpose of SEO is to constantly optimize the internal structure of the website, increase the information capacity, expand the data connectivity of the website and improve the performance of the website, and so on, so that the revenue of the website is constantly increasing.

What is the main purpose of SEO?

What does SEO mainly do?

By understanding the rules of various search engines to crawl the Internet page, to optimize the web page related to improve the search engine rankings of the website keywords, so as to increase the number of visitors to the website, and ultimately enhance the sales or brand promotion of the website. For any company enterprise, seo optimization is a crucial step in order to succeed in website promotion.

What is the purpose, this varies from person to person, depending on each person’s own needs, the following points should be the purpose of most people do seo.

1, in order to sell products. From the search engine to attract a large number of potential customers to enter the site, to understand and buy the products customers need.

2, in order to brand promotion. From the search engine to attract a sufficient number of visitors to expand brand awareness, rather than a specific product. Rely on search engine traffic, and this traffic as a product to attract advertisers to the site to put ads.

4, in order to profit. In the site has gained a certain amount of traffic, the webmaster can hang on the site Baidu Alliance advertising space, earn a certain amount of commission.

5, in order to increase the value of the site. Search engines bring a lot of traffic to the site to make the site’s performance indicators climb, to attract investors or acquisition.