The word table has no bottom line

Word2007 form of the bottom line does not show what is going on

It is because the margins. Specific solutions are as follows:

1, open the document you need to operate in the top toolbar to find the “page layout” and click on the “page layout” to adjust the margins.

2, in the page layout of the board, a window will pop up, find and click on the “margins” option.

3, in the pop-up window, click on the bottom of the “Custom Margins (A), and then skip to the next step.

4, according to the actual situation, the top and bottom of the left and right margins, adjusted to the bottom of the horizontal line can be seen.

5, adjust the relevant values, click on the bottom of the OK can be completed, the bottom of the document form can be seen on the horizontal line.

In WORD in the table only show text does not show the table line, print out also no table line, how do I set up?

1, double-click to open the Word document you need to set up into the Word document.

2, after entering the Word document to find the form part and click on the form, open the form toolbar. In the form toolbar click on the form properties.

3, in the Form Properties interface click to select the form options on the page and select the border and background options.

4, in the border and background interface click on the page of all the options and click OK to save the settings.

I use word to do the form why print out the bottom of the line is not there?

1, point “File” select “Page Setup” select “Margins”

2, select the “next “adjusted to” 1cm “

3, point” OK “

4, and then try to print, good luck!

No border line at the bottom when table is displayed across pages, how to fix it?

The problem of no border line at the bottom when merging cells across pages in a table may be due to paging settings or cell formatting. To solve this problem, you can try the following methods:

Pagination Settings:

Check Pagination Settings:

First, make sure that the pagination settings in your document allow the table to be displayed across pages. In Word, you can click on the Layout tab and then select Window Pagination view under Pagination Settings to see if the table is paged correctly.

Adjusting Pagination: If the table is not paged correctly, you can try to manually adjust the pagination to ensure that the table does not lose its margins across pages. Insert a page break in the bottom cell of the table and then move the remainder of the table to the next page.

Cell Formatting:

Cell Border Settings: Make sure the bottom borders of the cells are set correctly. Select the cells you want to merge, and then on the Layout tab in Word, select the Lower Border button under Borders to make sure the bottom border is applied.

Table Styles:

If you are using a table style or custom table style, make sure that the bottom border in the style is set correctly. You can view and modify a table style by selecting the cell and then going to the Design tab in Word.

Viewing print settings:

Sometimes the print settings of a table can affect how the margins appear across pages. In Word, you can check the settings in the “Printing” section by clicking on “File”-> “Page Setup”-> “Layout” tab. settings in the “Printing” section. Make sure the “Drawing Objects” option is unchecked to avoid problems when printing.

Update Office applications:

If you are using Microsoft Office or a similar office suite, make sure your Office applications are up to date. Sometimes, border display issues may be fixed with an update.

Contact support:

If you try the above and still can’t resolve the issue, you may consider contacting the support team of Microsoft Office or the document editing software for more detailed help and support.

Depending on the document editing software you are using and your specific situation, it may be necessary to combine a number of approaches to resolve cross-page table margin issues. Depending on the size and complexity of the document, it may take some time to find the most appropriate solution.