User account control pops up on the computer every time

Win11 keeps popping up User Account Control

The solution for Win11 keeps popping up User Account Control is as follows:

Tools: Dell XPS13-9350-3708, Win11.

1. In the open computer page, click on the Win icon in the taskbar.

2. Then in the opened Win icon, click on the search section given in it.

3. Then search for the Control Panel function in it to open it.

4, in the open control panel to find the “system and security” function to open.

5, and then click on the change user account control settings.

6. Slide down the settings on the left to “Never Notify” and save it.

win101709 uninstall applications pop-up user account account control window how to solve

Users have encountered a number of strange problems after updating their Win10 systems to the 1709 Fall Creators Update. For example, recently a user feedback every time you are ready to uninstall the program when you need to open the uninstall or change the application program interface, the computer will pop up the user account control blocking tips, although the click is to be able to use it normally, but the feeling is still very inconvenient, how to do it? The problem is that the computer defaults to open the user account control caused by the following Xiaobian to share with you the solution.

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Steps are as follows:

1, first of all, on the keyboard press windows + pause (pausebreak) key combination to open the 【System】interface;

2, in the 【System】interface click on the 【Security and Maintenance】in the lower left corner of the screen. Security and Maintenance] in the lower-left corner, as shown in the figure:

3, in the upper-left corner of the Security and Maintenance click on the Change User Account Control button, as shown in the figure below:

Click Yes in the pop-up blocking box.

4, open the left side of the slider to move to the [Never Notify] position, as shown in the following figure, after completing the operation, click OK – Yes can be!

win101709 uninstall the application pop-up user account account control window problem solution is introduced. I hope this tutorial can help all the friends who need it!