Web Programming Languages What’s available now

How to choose the right Web programming language?

Currently popular Web programming languages are Java, PHP, Python, C#, etc. Of course, you can’t do Web development without Html, CSS and JavaScript, and the choice of programming language mainly depends on the development scenarios, the development cycle, the technical composition of the team, the popularity of the trend and other factors.

Once someone made a figurative analogy, PHP is like a neighborhood convenience store, Java is like Walmart, C# is like a department store, and Python is online shopping, the following is a description of these Web programming languages.

PHP is currently one of the most widely used programming languages in the field of Web development, from the current development market share, PHP is ahead of Java and Python.PHP is characterized by a simple and flexible syntax, natural hot deployment, Web development ecosystem is sound, there are a large number of mature programs, the use of PHP to develop Web applications in the development cycle also has some PHP is suitable for small and medium-sized web applications. Currently PHP is more suitable for the development of small and medium-sized websites, convenient and fast.

JavaWeb development is one of the main application scenarios of the Java language, the biggest advantage of the Java language is the stable performance, rich components and clear logic. the advantages of the Java language in dealing with concurrent access, so that the large-scale commercial Internet platforms are often more inclined to use Java language development. In addition, the application in the field of big data also makes Java in the future application prospects are still good. Although Java has performance advantages, but the Java language itself is also heavy, in the development cycle with PHP and Python comparison is still on the long side.

Python language is also one of the traditional Web development language, Python is characterized by simplicity, Python language can use a lot of existing libraries, the use of Python to develop Web applications tend to have a shorter development cycle. However, the performance of Python Web application development is still a problem, which is inherent in the Python language, but for small and medium-sized applications, Python is a good choice.

C# is also one of the important programs for Web development, C# language in the development of the Web’s biggest feature is that there are mature programs can be applied, C# is the majority of outsourcing companies prefer the language, because the use of C# development will reduce the development risk.

What are web development technologies

Website development technologies are the collection of techniques and tools used to create and develop websites. It involves the process of designing, coding, building, and maintaining a website, as well as using a variety of techniques and tools to implement the functionality and interactivity of a website.

Website development technology involves a number of aspects, the following is a list of some common website development technology:

1, HTML (HyperText Markup Language): markup language used to create the structure and content of web pages.

2, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): used to define the style and layout of web pages, control the appearance and layout of the page.

3, JavaScript: a scripting language used to add interactivity and dynamic functionality to web pages.

4, front-end frameworks and libraries: such as React, Angular, Vue.js, etc., provides encapsulated components and tools to simplify the front-end development process.

5, back-end programming languages: such as Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, etc., for the implementation of server-side logic and data processing.

6, back-end frameworks: such as Django (Python), RubyonRails (Ruby), Spring (Java), etc., provides the basic framework and tools to quickly build back-end applications.

7, database: relational databases (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB, Redis), used to store and manage data on the site.

8, Web servers: such as Apache, Nginx, for hosting and providing static and dynamic content of the site.

9, version control systems: such as Git, for managing code versions and collaborative development.

10, RESTfulAPI: a style of API design based on the HTTP protocol for enabling data interaction with other applications and systems.

11, security technology: such as HTTPS, authentication, authorization and data encryption, etc., used to protect the website and user data security.

12, responsive design: used to create websites that adapt to different screen sizes and devices to provide a good user experience.

13, testing and debugging tools: such as breakpoint debuggers, automated testing frameworks and performance monitoring tools for ensuring the quality and performance of the site.

This is only a part of the web development technology, the specific technology stack and tool selection will vary according to the project requirements, team technical skills and personal preferences. In actual development, multiple technologies and tools are often used in conjunction with each other to achieve a complete, feature-rich website.

What are the website page programming languages


ASP is a new technology introduced by Microsoft with the intention of replacing CGI. Through it, users can use almost all the development tools to create and run interactive dynamic web pages, such as feedback form information collection and processing, file uploads and downloads, chat rooms, forums, etc., to achieve the function of the CGI program in between but also simpler than CGI, and easy to learn. Because ASP use based on the open design environment ActiveX technology, the user can define and produce their own components to join them, so that their own dynamic web pages with almost unlimited expansion capabilities. It can also use ADO (ActiveDataObject, Microsoft’s a new data access model) to easily access the database, can be very good for data processing. Borrow WINDOWS east wind, ASP has been a significant development.


PHP, a nested acronym name, is the English “Hypertext Preprocessing Language” (PHP: HypertextPreprocessor) abbreviation. PHP is a kind of HTML embedded language, PHP and Microsoft’s ASP is quite similar. PHP is an HTML-embedded language, PHP and Microsoft’s ASP are quite similar, are a kind of server-side execution of the “embedded HTML document scripting language”, the style of the language is similar to the C language, and is now widely used by many web programmers. PHP’s unique syntax is a mixture of C, Java, Perl, and PHP’s own new syntax. It can execute dynamic web pages faster than CGI or Perl. Dynamic pages made with PHP compared to other programming languages, PHP is embedded into the HTML document to execute the program, the execution efficiency is much higher than the full generation of HTML markup CGI; also embedded in the HTML document with the same scripting language JavaScript compared to the server-side execution of PHP, making full use of the server’s performance; PHP execution engine will also be PHP program frequently accessed by the user resides in memory, other users in a visit to this program will not need to honestly compile the program, as long as the direct execution of the code in memory can be, which is also one of the embodiment of the high efficiency of PHP.PHP has a very powerful features, all of the CGI or JavaScript features PHP can be achieved, and support for virtually all popular databases and operating systems.


A scripting language is a language between HTML (HyperTextMarkupLanguage) and programming languages like Java, C++ and VisualBasic. Its syntax and rules are not as strict and complex as those of compilable programming languages. Traditional HTML is static, in order to enhance the dynamic function of the web page, some vendors have introduced their own Script scripting language, in which Netscape introduced JavaScript (for the client and for server-side two kinds), Microsoft has introduced two kinds of VBScript and ASP for server-side and client-side program writing.


JavaScript is a kind of object-based (Object) and event-driven (EventDriven) and has the security performance of the scripting language. It is different from Java: JavaScript is mainly used for HTML pages, scripts embedded in the HTML source code; and Java is an independent, complete programming language can be applied in the Web, but also can be used in situations unrelated to the Web network. In addition, programs written in JavaScript do not have to be compiled before running; they can be written directly into Web pages and interpreted for execution by the browser that calls them. In this way, some basic interactions do not have to be done on the server side, improving the response time on the client side.


In order to accommodate applications on the Internet, Microsoft has compressed the VisualBasic language for application description into a more logical subset called VisualBasicScriptingEdition, or VBScript for short.It’s also an HTML embedded scripting language with features such as ease of learning and use. If you already know VisualBasic or VisualBasicforApplications, you’ll quickly become familiar with VBScript. Microsoft has made the VBScript language the best choice for implementing its ActiveX scripting, which allows users to employ small interoperable components to get the job done, making the application’s feature list larger. The functionality of the application is enlarged.

What languages are involved in web design

Mere design will not involve too many languages.

If it is the production, the more popular are the following (here said more detailed, not by classification on):

HTML language: Hypertext Markup Language. “Hypertext” means that a page can contain images, links, and even non-text elements such as music and programs.

JavaScript. is a scripting language that belongs to the web! JavaScript is used by millions of web pages to improve design, validate forms, detect browsers, create cookies, and much more.

PHP. A general-purpose open source scripting language. The syntax incorporates features from C, Java, and Perl, making it easy to learn and widely used.

ASP. dynamic server page (ActiveServerPage) acronym. Is developed by Microsoft instead of CGI scripting program of an application, it can interact with the database and other programs, is a simple, convenient programming tools. Now commonly used in a variety of dynamic Web sites.

aspx. aspx is .net technology, it is more secure, it and java are two different classifications, each with their own strengths.

Then there are many others. Such as .net, c+, c++….

Yangzhou SEO: website construction in the common programming language which

First of all, in terms of artistic design, Photoshop technology still occupies a leading position in the design of the site, is currently being applied by the industry a large number of versions of PhotoshopCS5. In addition, out of the visual impact and the user experience considerations, FlashCS5 animation technology is also widely used. In addition, FlashCS5 animation technology is also widely used, but Flash itself is not conducive to website optimization, especially not for search engine optimization, so in the environment of network marketing, with more and more enterprises to see the essence of Flash technology in the construction of the website will gradually decline in the proportion of the application, and turn in the direction of the traditional advertising and marketing, online game applications, etc. to occupy a major position.

Web page production, Dreamweaver has been applied by the majority of web page production division, the current widely used version of DreamweaverCS5. In the web page layout technology, has basically eliminated the Table layout, the main reason for the use of Table out of the web page code redundancy, the page structure is not optimized and is not conducive to maintenance. The main reason is that the code redundancy of the web page using Table is large, the page structure is not optimized and not favorable to maintenance. Currently widely used technology for XHTML + Css technology (also known as Div + Css technology), the technology subverted the concept of Table layout, in the production of web pages do not use HTML to locate the layout, but the use of CSS layout, which can make the actual content of the page and the presentation of their style code is completely separated from the search engine marketing in line with the advocacy of the “Content is king” concept, in the optimization of code structure also has an important role.

Front-end effects production, that is, we talked about in the previous article, the mainstream technology for the current jQuery, the main advantages of: simple code, fast execution, high browser compatibility, conducive to the maintenance. jQuery was first known as the father of JQUERY JohnResig developed in January 2006, and subsequently after a number of versions of the upgrades, due to the The technology into the Chinese mainland time is relatively late, so at present in the domestic website construction industry is not the majority of enterprises with the ability to skillfully apply the technology, and thousand help technology is one of the few adhere to the research and use of cutting-edge technology of Chinese network service providers.

Next, let’s talk about the website in the browser compatibility trend. We know that the current mainstream browsers are: IE6.0+, FF1.5+ (Firefox), Google, Safari2.0+ (Apple), Opera9.0+ and so on. The basic requirements of the general industry website construction is to be compatible with the above browsers, Div + CSS layout although there is an inherent advantage in the optimization of the layout, but not as good as Table layout compatibility, which is also a headache for many webpage makers, often to complete a website needs to be debugged with a variety of browser compatibility effects, and this is one of the most irritating browser IE6.0, because of its Compatibility standards and other browsers gap is very large, but the good news is that Microsoft has issued a “start IE automatic upgrade function to accelerate the elimination of IE6” news, so that the production of teachers for a revitalization! According to industry media reports, Europe and the United States have completely phased out IE6, all Web site technology does not support IE6, and China is expected to phase it out within this year.

Lastly to talk about the technology of website program development, now the mainstream website development language: asp, php, C (asp.net), jsp and so on. Among them, asp and php belong to the lightweight development language, built-in features less; and C and jsp belong to the heavyweight development language, all have the official development of a powerful library of support, especially the C language, Microsoft tailored to its powerful VisualStudio development software, for all engineers to provide a superior development platform, just this month, Microsoft launched the Just this month, Microsoft launched the “VisualStudio 2012 Beta” again set sail, and the perfect integration with Windows 8, once again for the developers to send a big gift! It is also due to the strong market share of C, forcing its predecessor asp language is basically eliminated. php language is still widely used, but after all, it is an open source language, the lack of strong official technical support in the development of the program is still a little inferior. jsp is currently able to fight with the mainstream language of C, some of the country’s large portals can be seen in the application of the traces of the jsp, but from the long-term development perspective, due to Microsoft’s launch of VisualStudio2012Beta, the development of a new version of VisualStudio2012Beta, and Windows8 perfect integration of developers again. From a development point of view, as Microsoft launched the C platform and Windows system in the upgrade process can always be a perfect combination of Windows products and occupy a large number of end-users, so the choice of C as a website development language, in the long-term strategic planning for enterprise network marketing is not a wise decision!