What are the c compilers?

What compilers are available for c language?

1, visualc++6.0 (not good for win8, C/C++) – MicrosoftVisualC++;

2, visualstudio (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013) – MicrosoftVisualStudio;

3, win-tc is very handy: no lie, 2000/XP/7 are available;

4, Code::Blocks (available for win7, 8);

5, TurbC (only compiles C);

6, gcc (GNU compiler suite);

7, DEVC++;

8, C-Free;

9, BorlandC++, WaTComC++, BorlandC++Builder, GNUDJGPPC++, Lccwin32CCompiler3.1, HighC, MyTc, etc. Since C is a more mature programming environment a lot;

10, also commonly used souceinsight, in the work also used Labwindows programming, direct debugging and running, but that is an engineering background, work experience of technical staff with.

What are the software that can write c language?

C language is a process-oriented, abstracted general-purpose programming language, the software that can write c language are Vim, C++ compiler, Dev-C++, Code::Blocks, VisualStudio and so on.

1, Vim is a powerful, highly customizable text editor, is respected as one of the best of the class Vi editor. 2, C + + compiler is a C / C + + compiler, which is full-featured, including a variety of SDK, and extremely small, the size of the installed version of the size of only 8MB. 3, Dev-C + + is the Windows environment, a lightweight C / C++ integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows. It is a free software that complies with the GPL license agreement to distribute the source code.4, Code::Blocks is an open source full-featured cross-platform C/C++ IDE, is open source software.Code::Blocks by pure [C++ language] development is completed, which uses the famous graphical interface library wxWidgets (3.x) version.5, VisualStudio is the Windows environment, a lightweight C/++ integrated development environment (IDE). VisualStudio is a series of development toolkit products from Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A. VS is a fundamentally complete development toolset that includes most of the tools needed throughout the software lifecycle.

c language compilation software which

1, learn c language can use the software recommended as follows: TurboC is developed by the United States Borland a set of C language program development tools, Borland is a large company specializing in software development, development.

2, you can write c language software: Vim, C compiler, Dev-C, Code: Blocks, VisualStudio, etc. VimVim is a similar to Vi’s famously powerful, highly customizable text editor, based on Vi’s improved and increased many features. VIM is free software.

3, mobile c programming apps are “C learning dictionary”, “C compiler”, “C compiler IDE”, “rookie learning C”, “mobile programming”.

What are the software that can write c language?

Software that can write c language are: Vim, C++ compiler, Dev-C++, Code::Blocks, VisualStudio and so on.

1. Vim

Vim is a famous powerful and highly customizable text editor similar to Vi, improving and adding many features to Vi.VIM is free software.Vim is generally regarded as one of the best of the Vi-like editors, and in fact, the real rivals come from the different variants of Emacs.

Emacs was voted the winner of the Linuxworld text editor category in 1999, with Vim coming in second. But in February 2000 Vim won SlashdotBeanie’s award for best open source text editor, again pushing Emacs into second place, and overall, both Vim and Emacs are excellent at text editing.

2. C++ Compiler

“BorlandC/C++5.5.1forWin32” is a C/C++ compiler with full functionality, a variety of SDKs, and a very small installation version of only 8MB. Borland’s flagship product, C++Builder 5, has this compiler built in.

Because it uses the GNUC/C+ kernel, it is very easy to do software porting, and you can easily port a program to any platform that has GNUC/C++. And since there is a lot of open source software based on GNUC/C++, using Dev-C++ is a good choice. However, its inconvenient debugging, incomplete help and other problems also make it difficult to promote, far less than BorlandC/C++, OpenWatcomC/C++, which are also free compilers.

3, Dev-C++

Dev-C++ (or Dev-Cpp) is a lightweight C/C++ integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows. It is free software that distributes source code under the GPL license. It is a collection of powerful source code editor, MingW64/TDM-GCC compiler, GDB debugger and AStyle format organizer and many other free software, which is suitable for use by beginners of C/C++ language in teaching, and also suitable for non-commercial level general developers.

4. Code::Blocks

Code::Blocks is an open source, full-featured, cross-platform C/C++ IDE. code::Blocks is open source software. code::Blocks is developed in pure C++, and it uses the famous The graphical interface library wxWidgets (version 3.x). For C++ programmers looking for perfection, there is no longer any need to put up with the slowness of Eclipse.

5, VisualStudio

MicrosoftVisualStudio (referred to as VS) is the United States of America’s Microsoft Corporation’s development toolkit series of products. VS is a basically a complete set of development tools, which includes most of the tools needed throughout the software life cycle, such as UML tools, code control tools, integrated development environment (IDE) and so on.

The target code written works on all platforms supported by Microsoft, including MicrosoftWindows, WindowsMobile, WindowsCE, . WindowsPhone.