What are the json format conversion tools

json and excel how to quickly transfer to each other, with this tool can be easily fixed!

JSON’s full name is “JavaScriptObjectNotation”, meaning JavaScript Object Representation, which is a text-based, language-independent lightweight data exchange format. XML is also a data exchange format, why not XML is also a data exchange format, why not choose XML? Because although XML can be used as a cross-platform data exchange format, but in JS (JavaScript shorthand) to deal with XML is very inconvenient, while XML tags more than data, increasing the exchange of traffic generated by the JSON does not have any additional tags, in JS can be treated as an object, so we prefer to choose JSON to exchange data.

Advantages: easy for people to read and write, easy to program parsing and production.

excel is a kind of spreadsheet software, is released by Microsoft office software office in a component of the most popular office software, one of the most popular office software, daily office production and processing of forms commonly used software. So what is the connection between json and excel? In fact, the standard json data can be converted into excel tables easy to read, excel is the rows and columns of data tables can also be converted into json format data.

Today I recommend a very good and convenient online website tool, you can online json data into Excel tables, but also can be converted to excel into json data format

As long as the need to convert the json copied to the tool box, the second to excel file, and the need to convert excel file json data, just click on the tool next to it

Tools address:JSON to EXCEL file-GogoTools

How to convert a json file to an xml file

json words, the more popular conversion tool is fastjson, easy to use, and very fast. Can be directly converted between JavaBean and String type

xml words, you can use XStream to convert.

That is to say, you can first convert the contents of the json file to JavaBean (fastjson), and then convert JavaBean to xml (XStream)

How to convert json file to xnb?

JSON files can be parsed and read using an external tool or programming language, while XNB files are a binary file format specialized for Xbox and Windows game development. Therefore, converting JSON files to XNB files requires some programming work.

One possible way is to use the MonoGame framework, which provides the ConvertContent command line tool to convert XML, JSON, and CSV format files to XNB. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Install the MonoGame framework and add it to your project.

2. Add the JSON file to the Content folder of the MonoGame project.

3. Use the following code to call the ConvertContent command line tool to convert the JSON file to XNB:


string[]args=newstring[]{“–importer”, “JsonImporter”,”– processor”, “TextureProcessor”,”–build”, “Content/yourJsonFile.json”, “Content”};

MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline.Builder. ConversionHelpers.Convert(args);


Where “yourJsonFile.json” is the name of the JSON file to be converted, and “TextureProcessor” is the processor used to handle the converted XNB file, which can be can be changed according to the actual situation.

4. After running the code, the generated XNB file will be saved in the Content folder.

It is worth noting that converting JSON files to XNB files may lose some formatting or data information, depending on the processor and conversion tool used. Therefore, before proceeding with the conversion, make sure you back up the original file and carefully review the converted file.

Front end json to sql

Are you asking how to convert front end json to sql, you can utilize a converter for that.

JSONToSQLConverter helps you to convert JSON to SQL online.Easiest JSON to SQL ConverterThis free online tool allows you to convert JSON files to SQL files. Just paste your JSON into the table below and it will be converted to SQL instantlyNo need to download or install any software.

JSON is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of the js specification developed by ECMAScript, the European Computer Society, and uses a completely programming language-independent text format to store and represent data.