What do you mean by desktop shortcuts?

What does the shortcut icon on the desktop mean?

The arrow is there to indicate that the icon is a shortcut. A shortcut is a quick way provided by Windows to start a program and open a file or folder. It is a quick connection to an application. Shortcuts generally have the extension *.lnk.

Generally speaking a shortcut is a command line used to quickly launch a program. It is both different and related to a program. If you compare a program to a TV, a shortcut is like a remote control. Through the remote control board we can easily and quickly control the TV switch, channel selection and so on. Without the remote control board we can still walk to the TV and operate it, it’s just not as convenient as the remote control, and it doesn’t affect the use of the TV. But without the TV, the remote control panel is obviously useless. The same goes for shortcuts, which are very convenient when they work with the actual installed program. When a shortcut is removed, you can find the target program in My Computer and run it. When a program is deleted, a shortcut alone is useless. If you copy a shortcut from your desktop to someone else’s computer, it won’t usually work.

What does a shortcut icon on a computer desktop indicate? Thanks~

A shortcut icon is a shortcut button to open a program.

For example, if you live far away from the train station where your city is located, and it is inconvenient to buy tickets, then the train station has set up a train ticket agency downstairs in your building in order to make it easier for you to buy tickets. This agency is a shortcut to the train station.

What do you mean by shortcuts?

Shortcuts are actually pointers to an object (e.g., a file, a program, a folder, etc.) that contain all the information you need to start a program, edit a document, or open a folder. When you double-click on a shortcut icon, Windows first examines the contents of the shortcut file to find the object it points to, and then Windows opens that object. Simply put, a shortcut can be called a “stand-in” for the original object. Shortcuts are very useful as the primary method of customizing your desktop and providing quick access to frequently used applications and documents. You can create several shortcuts to an application or document, or delete any of them without affecting the real application.  

Shortcuts are a special type of file that can be linked to any object in the user interface. Each shortcut is represented by an icon with a curved arrow in the lower left corner, called a shortcut icon. A shortcut icon is an icon that connects to an object; it is not the object itself, but a pointer to the object.  

Shortcuts take up only a few bytes of disk space, but they contain all the information you need to start a program, edit a document, or open a folder.  

Because a shortcut’s link can be automatically updated, the information you need can be accessed regardless of the location of the original object to which it is linked.

Does anyone know what a desktop shortcut is?

The icon on top of your desktop is a shortcut

It allows you to quickly open a program that you have installed inside my computer without having to go to my computer to find it.

Reducing the time it takes you to get to your computer is fast. This method is called a shortcut.

Placing them on your desktop is called a desktop shortcut.