What does it mean when the four elements of a bank card don’t match?

Why does it keep saying that my ID information doesn’t match my bank card

It’s because the bank card you’re using isn’t in the name of the ID you’re filling out now, and the bank card’s account name doesn’t match the ID you’re using now. Just bring your ID and bank card to the bank counter and check. If your ID card has expired, please update your bank card by synchronizing it with your bank card in time after you reapply for your ID card. You can go directly to the bank counter, bank business hall of the self-service terminals or through the Internet banking or mobile banking to update the processing can be.

How do I change my reserved cell phone number?

The reserved cell phone number is very important to the user, because the user can open the cell phone SMS service, keep track of the account changes, once found abnormal transactions, immediately call the bank to register the loss. However, the major banks do not have exactly the same procedures, if lost you can first use the phone or online banking for temporary loss, and then bring my ID card and other supporting materials to the bank counter to lose.

For example:

Changing the reserved cell phone number of the construction bank can be set up through the construction bank’s mobile banking app:

1. Open the construction bank’s mobile banking app, enter the login password, and log in to the home page of the construction bank’s mobile banking app.

2. Slide your finger from the left side of the screen to the right side or click the “three” icon in the upper left corner of the screen to bring up a sidebar page. In this page, you can set up your personal information, bank account, CCB mobile banking app and other related settings.

3. In the sidebar page, find “Security Center”, click to enter the Security Center, you can find “Reserved Information” icon under “Information Management”. Click on the icon to enter the “Reserved Information” page, click on “Modify Reserved Information”, and then enter the cell phone number you need to change.

Additionally, you can also change your reserved cell phone number by logging into CCB’s personal online banking:

1. Open CCB online banking and enter your account password to log in.

2. Log in to the personal online banking page and click on “personal data modification” to enter the personal data modification page. Delete your old cell phone number and enter your new cell phone number.

3. Click on “Send Verification Code” and enter the verification code into the verification code text box when you receive the code with your new cell phone number.

Click to confirm the change to complete the CCB reserved cell phone number change.

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