What does on class mean?

Difference between inclass and onclass

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inclass, means the place is more appropriate. someoneisinclass. equivalent to someoneisinclassroom.

onclass, means the time is more appropriate. someoneisonclass. equivalent to someoneisbusy,notfree. isonclass.

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What does class mean

class meaning: class.

English /klɑːs/; American /klæs/,

n. class; lesson; class; lesson; class; variety; syllabus; elegance; social rank; series of lessons (in a subject); cohort.

vt. to put … into a certain class; to regard … as.

adj. excellent; very good; outstanding.

Bilingual Example Sentences:

1. Her work was well below average for the class.

Her homework was well below average for the class.

2. Does the quality of teaching depend on class size?

Does the quality of teaching depend on the number of students in each class?

3、She has class all right ─ she looks like a model.

She is indeed graceful and looks like a model.

4. In this class, students will learn how to program.

5. Many children can’t function effectively in large classes.

Many children don’t learn well in large classes.

Benefits of learning English:

I. What are the benefits of learning English to enrich knowledge. English is a compulsory subject for elementary school students, words, phrases, sentences and short essays, are students must learn in English class. As the saying goes, “knowledge is rich in spiritual food”, learning knowledge is what we should do in our life.

Two, what are the benefits of learning English to broaden their horizons. English should be the second language most students contact, in the process of learning English, we can understand the way of life of residents of other countries, customs and habits, which is the most basic, is the easiest way to broaden our horizons, but also for us to go abroad in the future to lay a good foundation in advance, and not be ignorant of the new environment.

Three, what are the benefits of learning English to improve personal advantage. From the beginning of our contact with English in elementary school, all the way to college, graduate school, and even study abroad, are inseparable from the study of English. For students, if they can get a good score in the English exam, they can increase their chances of being admitted to their ideal institutions.