What is the best editor for shell scripts

May I ask if Shell script programming is written through any software

1, Dev-C

Dev-C is a C development tool. It includes a multi-page window, a project editor, and a collection of editors, compilers, linkers, and executables in the project editor. It also provides high brightness syntax display’s to minimize editing errors.

2, mingw

MinGW is short for MinimalistGNUonWindows, which refers to a compilation environment that uses only free software to generate pure Win32 executables.


WIN-TC is a turboC2WINDOWS platform development tools, the most important feature is to support the Chinese interface, support for the mouse operation, program segment copying, for the first time to learn the c language, the comrades who are not familiar with the environment of higher programming is very helpful.

4, Cygwin

Cygwin is a software used to simulate the Linux environment on Windows. It can be used as a partial replacement for those virtual machine software.

5, MicrosoftVisualstdio

VisualStudio (VS) is a very complete set of tools and services that help the little ones to create a wide variety of applications for Microsoft platforms and other platforms.

In linux operating system, edit shell program often use software?

Shell is an interpreted scripting language that can be thought of as a text editor. There are many such as notepad++, vscode, etc. Choose the one that you like. I hope this will help, please take it.

How to write a Linux shell script

Shell is often compared to the human and computer hardware “translator”, the shell as the user and the Linux system as a medium of communication, but also defines a variety of variables and parameters, and provides such as loops, branches, and other high-level language control structure features. The shell, as a medium of communication between the user and the Linux system, also defines various variables and parameters, and provides control structure features such as loops, branches and other high-level language features. It’s important to know how to use these features correctly, and how to give commands accurately.

The Shell works in two ways

1. Interactive: the user types a command, and the Shell interprets and executes it.

2. Batch (Batch): the user writes a shell script (Script), which contains a number of commands, the Shell will execute all the commands at once.

Compiling a simple script

Shell scripts should be written using the Vim text editor, in accordance with the order of execution of the commands in order to write, write a Linux command per line. A complete shell script should include a “script declaration”, “comments”, and “executable statements”.

Specifications for writing scripts:

Script declarations (#!) : Tells the system what shell to use for interpretation.

Comment information (#):Introduces executable statements or program functions, which can be left out.

Executable statements:Specific commands to execute.

Write a simple shell script that displays the current working path and lists all the files and attributes in the current directory.

[root@linuxprobe ~]# vim Example.sh

#! /bin/bash

#For Example BY linuxprobe.com


ls -al

There are three ways to execute the script:

Path to script file:. /Example.sh

sh script file path: shExample.sh

source script file path: sourceExample.sh

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