What kind of ip address is on a computer?

Correct format of ip address

Correct format of IP address:; IP address is used to give a number to a computer on the Internet. As you see everyday, every PC connected to the Internet needs an IP address in order to communicate properly. We can compare “personal computer” to “a telephone”, then “IP address” is equivalent to “phone number “The router in the Internet is the equivalent of a telecom office’s “programmable switch”.

The Internet Council defines five types of IP addresses to fit different capacity networks, namely, Class A to Class E. IP addresses are usually expressed as (a.b.c.d) in “dotted decimal”, where a, b, c, and d are decimal integers between 0 and 255. It is actually 32-bit binary (01100100.00000100.00000101.00000110).

Class D addresses are used for multipoint broadcasting. The first byte of a Class D IP address begins with “1110”, which is a reserved address. It does not point to a specific network, and is currently used in Multicast, where it is used to address a group of computers at a time in the range

Class E IP addresses, which begin with “1111”, are reserved for future use. ” are reserved for future use, and Class E addresses are reserved for experimentation and development only.

Extended information

1, press the keyboard windows key + R key, type cmd

2, pop-up command box type ipconfig, you can query the ip address of the machine, as well as the details of the subnet mask, gateway, physical address (Mac address), DNS and so on.

Legal basis:

Article 253 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China states that any person who, in violation of state regulations, sells or unlawfully provides to another person personal information of citizens obtained by that person in the performance of his or her duties or in the course of the provision of services under aggravating circumstances shall be sentenced to not more than three years’ fixed-term imprisonment or detention, and a fine or a single fine. If a person steals or unlawfully obtains the above information by other means and the circumstances are serious, he shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. If a unit commits an offense under the preceding two paragraphs, the unit shall be sentenced to a fine, and its directly responsible supervisors and other directly responsible persons shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of each paragraph.

How to see the computer ip address

Operating device: Dell computer.

Operating system: win7.

Program: network 2.01.

1, first of all, in the lower right corner of the computer desktop to find the network icon. The specific method is shown in the figure below:

2, click to open the “Network and Sharing Center” interface. The specific method is shown in the following figure:

3, and then in the “Network and Sharing Center” interface, click on the network that is connected. Click on the network you are connecting to in the “Network and Sharing Center” screen, then click on the network you are connecting to in the “Network and Sharing Center” screen.

5. Finally, in the pop-up interface, the ip address after ipv4 is the ip address of the computer. The specific method is shown in the following figure:

Historical background:

ip is the address of the computer networking, the same ip is to say that the two computers with the same address, LAN share a line, the external display is the same ip, commonly known as the extranet ip, a LAN ip is; a LAN ip is 192.168 .1.3These two machines are not the same intranet ip, but externally they will use the same extranet ip, for example:


Full text: InternetProtocol

Interpretation: The protocol for interconnecting networks.

Syntax: IP, in full: Internet Protocol address, is an IP address, meaning a numerical label assigned to a device that uses the Internet protocol for users to access the Internet.

Example sentence:

It tracks system IP addresses, netmasks, routes, and gateway information.

What are IPs and client IPs?

The IP address identifies a unique host on the Internet, so it is unique, so you can be sure not to “go to the wrong door”.

The server is already the “door” to the network because of Baxter, and is the IP of the server, which is artificially fixed to make sure that the door does not run.

The client IP is its own IP, which may not be the same every time you go online, but the door through which you can access the server is a fixed “door”.

Extended information:

Fixed IP (i.e., static IP): Fixed IP address is a long-term fixed IP address assigned to a computer to use, generally a special server with a fixed IP address. Generally, computers that use a dedicated line to connect to the Internet only have a fixed Internet IP address, which requires a more expensive fee.

Dynamic IP: Access to computers via modem, ISDN, broadband, cable broadband, broadband, and other means of accessing the Internet is not the same every time an Internet IP address is assigned, which is a dynamic allocation of temporary IP addresses by the ISP.

Because IP address resources are very valuable, most users access the Internet through dynamic IP addresses. The average person does not need to know the dynamic IP address, this is done automatically by the computer system.

Public broadcasting is the responsibility of the Internet Information Center. These IP addresses are assigned to organizations that register and apply for internic. It provides direct access to the internet.