What to do when formatting a removable hard disk is particularly slow

Formatting a removable drive with format is slow?

Mobile drives with bad sectors are slow.

Format is the command line way of formatting and is more powerful than the image way.

If, when you use the Format command, without any parameters, the formatting is slow, you can basically be sure that the removable drive has bad sectors.

Use a hard disk inspection tool and check for bad sectors.

Mobile hard disk stuck to format can not do

There are many reasons why the mobile disk can not be formatted properly, the most common is the mobile hard disk write protection or hard disk data cable problems, of course, the mobile hard disk is damaged, can also lead to mobile hard disk can not be formatted, we have to find out the reasons why the mobile hard disk can not be formatted, and then the method to solve the problem.

Insert the unformatted portable hard disk into someone else’s computer to see if the same problem occurs, or you can borrow someone else’s computer to back up your data. Then click [My Computer] – select [Management] – [Disk Management] – select [D drive] right-click – [Delete Logical Drive] – and then check the [available space] – right-click [New] – [Down] – [Set Size] – [Check Quick Format], and then connect the mobile hard disk to the computer, click – [This Computer], find our mobile hard disk icon, click the right mouse button and then select [Format] in the pop-up menu. Formatting menu pops up, you can select the [file system] to determine the format of the format, you can also select the “allocation of the unit size”, set the completion of the choice [start] formatting mobile hard disk.

If our mobile hard drive write-protected, it will also be prompted by the inability to format, to format, first of all, to remove the hard drive write-protection can be. A problem with the cable or the interface that connects the portable drive to the computer also prevents it from being formatted.

Most portable hard drives can’t be formatted because they are damaged, so if you don’t have any important data on your hard drive, you can use software such as Efficient Source to shield it from bad sectors, and then format it on the fly. Or repartition the hard disk to skip the bad sectors, but this will reduce the capacity of the hard disk.

The mobile hard disk partition after formatting words how so slow it, my formatting for 2 hours has not been formatted, what is going on to beg for help

That is, your own computer has a problem. The problem with the system is that your removable hard disk may have a bad area. There is also the possibility that your USB port is underpowered. The first thing you need to do is to change the USB port on the back of your computer.

The new mobile hard drive I bought myself partitioned to choose a simple volume partition and then the file system is raw is being formatted but it is very slow I have to continue to wait for the formatting to complete it

So the oldest formatted into raw of course, slow. If you can’t wait, just quit and reformat to ntfs or something. It won’t break the disk if the formatting is interrupted anyway, it just has to be reformatted.

Why is formatting a removable hard disk particularly slow



/q/fs: ntfs

x is your disk drive letter

For example, c drive is c

d drive is d

This command is to format the disk drive letter as ntfs format

This can hold more than 4gb of files

But it tends to produce some garbage. p>This can hold more than 4gb of files

But it is prone to generating some garbage



/q/fs: fat32

It is the disk formatted as fat32

It can’t hold a single 4gb file

But it’s not prone to generating some system garbage

Choose yourself according to the actual situation-