Where are Xiaomi desktop shortcut permissions

Xiaomi phone WeChat create desktop shortcut problem

A: 1

Open the phone inside the Settings, and then tap the application settings, as follows


Open to enter into the application and notification page, and then open the inside of the application permissions management, as follows


Then enter into the permissions management page. Inside the category application settings, we tap on the permissions, as shown below.


After opening the permissions, there is a desktop shortcut at the bottom of the page, as shown below


Open the creation of desktop shortcuts, which contains all the software that can be created shortcuts, we find the WeChat, as shown below


And then turn WeChat on, so that you can create a desktop shortcut! The shortcut to the desktop can be created by turning on WeChat, which will create a shortcut to the desktop! You can also set up other apps to create shortcuts.

Xiaomi phone app authorization management where?

1, Xiaomi phone permission settings where in the phone settings menu click on [Application Settings]. Click on the [Authorization Management] option. Find the [Application Permission Management] to enter. Click on [Permission Management] to set the relevant permissions.

2, first open the phone, click Settings. In the settings, click “Account Management” to enter the account management interface. Click “Authorization Management” to enter the authorization management interface. Click “Authorization Switch” to turn on the authorization function, and then you can complete the authorization.

3, millet 10 permissions management where in the phone settings menu click [authorization management]. Click on the [Application Permission Management] option. Switch to the Permission Management section at the top to set permissions.

4, open the security center, as shown. Click on the bottom right corner of the authorization management can be.

5. Where is Xiaomi app installation permission management? Open the phone settings, click Privacy Protection. Click Special Permission Settings on the Protect Privacy page. Click Install unknown apps. Click Apps and turn the switch to allow apps from this source on.

6, Question 5: Xiaomi phone 4 machine application authorization management where to open the steps: First, in the desktop to find the “Security Center” icon, click open. Second, after opening, in the upper right corner, you can see the “authorization management”. Third, after clicking on the system authorization management, you can go to a variety of applications right root management configuration.