Where do you turn on the auto-dialer setting?

Win10 boot automatic dial-up Internet settings

Now most of the use of boot can access the Internet, there are still some users need to manually connect to the network dial-up to access the Internet. That win10 boot automatic dial-up Internet settings, let’s take a look at it

win10 boot automatic dial-up Internet settings

1, mouse right-click windows icon, click computer management.

2, click on the task planner and then click on create basic tasks.

3, after editing the name, click on next, click on computer startup, click on next.

4. After clicking on the startup program, click Next.

5. After editing the format of rasdial broadband connection account name password, click on Next and click on Yes.

6. After checking the Standalone Completion, open the Properties dialog box for this task and click Finish.

This article to Huawei MateBookXPro2021 as an example applies to windows 10 system

Where to set the computer dialing settings

Take auto dialing as an example, its computer dialing settings are in:

1, open the start menu on the desktop, and then, select the control panel, open.

2. After entering the Control Panel options, click on Internet Options and click on Enter.

3. Then, in the Internet Options settings, find the option Connections and click on it to see the dial-up settings.

Computer (computer, also known as computer) is a high-speed computing electronic computer, known as “the 20th century, one of the most advanced scientific and technological inventions. The computer consists of a hardware system and a software system, with numerical calculations, logical calculations and memory storage and other functions. Its application field has expanded from the initial military scientific research applications to various fields of society, and has led to technological progress on a global scale. Hardware system includes: chassis (power supply, hard disk, disk, memory, motherboard, CPU – central processing unit, CPU fan, CD-ROM drive, sound card, network card, graphics card), monitor, UPS (uninterruptible power supply system), keyboard, mouse and so on (another can be equipped with a headset, microphone, speakers, printers, cameras, etc.). Home computers generally have onboard sound cards, network cards on the motherboard. Some motherboards are equipped with integrated graphics.

How to set up auto dial-up on boot in win10?

Booting a direct automatic broadband connection (auto dial-up) is a big wish of many users who still use a broadband connection to dial-up the Internet. The specific setup steps are as follows:

1, open the Task Scheduler,

2, in the right-hand column, create a basic task

3, in the name column, enter a meaningful name that is easy to remember, such as “broadband connection”.

4. In Any Trigger, select “When a user logs on”.

5. Select “Start Program”.

6. In the “Programs and Scripts” field of the Startup Programs dialog box, enter the following, “rasdial broadband connection broadband account name password” separated by a space.

7. Double-check the input parameters of the program or script, and click Yes after confirming that there are no errors, and then click Finish.

8, the created scheduled task, when you start win10 system computer to log in to your current account, the broadband connection program has been launched.

Computer how to set up automatic dial-up

Question 1: How to set up a computer automatic dial-up connection you right click on the broadband connection there, click on the send to desktop shortcut, so the desktop will have a shortcut. – “Startup” item can be automatically started.

Then in the “Network Connections” on the properties of this dial-up connection, set to automatic connection, the “disconnect and redial” option to put a check mark. Save it.

If you are using the system’s own dial-up program, there is no option to connect automatically. You so wrecked right-click >>Properties >>>Options >>>Cancel: Prompt for the name, password and certificate in front of the hook

Question 2: The computer has to unplug every time you go online, how to set up an automatic connection to the network on the boot of the auto connection to the broadband setup method:

1, right-click “Broadband Connection” → Properties;

2, Options → Remove the check box “Prompt for name, password and credentials, etc.” and “Show progress of connection when connected” → OK → Close;

3, Start → All Programs → double-click the “Startup”, opened the “Startup” window;

4, the desktop “Broadband Connection” icon dragged to the window. window → restart the computer to take effect.

Question 3: How to set up automatic dial-up for broadband connections ???????? The method is as follows ………….

Click “Start→Settings→Network Connections” and click the right mouse button on the dial-up icon, then select “Properties→Options” and remove the check mark in front of “Prompt for name, password, and certificates”. Remove the check mark in front of “Prompt for name, password and credentials”, and then save the changes. Copy the dial-up connection icon on the desktop or in “Network Connections”, then right-click on the taskbar, select “Properties→Start Menu→Customize→Advanced”, and open “Programs→Startup Programs”. Finally, right-click in the “Startup” folder in the blank position and select Paste. After logging off or restarting the system, you can see that the dial-up program has automatically connected to the network. This way, every time you turn on or reboot your computer, it will dial up automatically. You don’t need to connect manually every time.

Question 4: How to set up automatic dial-up on the XP system Click Start – Control Panel – Network and INTERNET Options – INTERNET Options – &quo at; Set up or change your INTERNET connection – in the INTERNET Properties dialog box, select Dial-up regardless of the existence of a network connection.

Question 5: How to set up a computer to automatically connect to broadband specific setup steps are:

1, right-click on the “Online Neighborhood” – Properties;

2, in the subsequent emergence of the “Network Connections “window, right-click ADSL (depending on what you named yourself, that is, the one that is not a” local connection “

2, in the subsequent “Network Connections” window, right-click ADSL (depending on what you named yourself, that is, the one that is not a” local connection “

3, in the subsequent properties dialog box, click” Properties dialog box, click “Options”;

4, the subsequent “prompt name, password and certificate, etc.” in front of the check mark removed, click “OK” exit;

5, put the “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”. p>

5, the desktop ADSL icon dragged to the start menu behind the “startup”, and then delete this icon on the desktop, it is OK.

The next time you start your computer, WINDOWS will automatically start the dial-up program for you, so you don’t have to dial up again to get online.

Question 6: How do I set up automatic dial-up Internet access on my computer? If you are already connected, please point to the bottom right corner of the broadband connection icon, double-click the pop-up valve, select “Properties” – “Options” – “Options” in the “dial-up options” there are three choices, put the hook are Remove all the checkmarks. Remove all the checkmarks. Then move the unplug icon on the desktop to “Startup”. The next time you turn on your computer, you’ll be fine.

Dang, you really don’t know how to use a computer.

Open my computer, C disk, double-click into DocumentsandSettings, which is generally two folders, one AllUsers, the other is your own established. Into your own one. “Start” menu —– program —- start. Okay, then drag your desktop unplugged icon in.

If that doesn’t work, then paste one into the AllUsers startup. It’s absolutely OK

Question 7: How to set up a computer to manually dial-up to Win7 for example, set up the steps are as follows: factory 1, modem connected to the home broadband line, through the twisted-pair cable connected to the host computer’s network card;

2, turn on the host computer, enter the system;

3, click on the task bar network icon, click to open the network and sharing center

4, click set up a new connection and network;

5, click connect to internet, click next;

6, click broadband (pppoe);

7, enter the broadband account password, click connect.

In the future, if you need to connect to the Internet, you need to click on the broadband connection first.

Question 8: How to set up a desktop computer without dial-up. Every time I turn on the computer, I have to dial up. Trouble… There seems to be no auto dial-up. Suggest using a router.

Thanks for your question

Question 9: How do I set up an auto-dialup connection for broadband Internet access on a Win7 system? Create a new connection Bean enter the account number and password after first selecting Properties, in the options to remove the prompt name and password certificate checkbox, and then OK, then you only need to click on the shortcut to this connection in the future you can automatically log in

Question 10: How to cancel the computer’s automatic dial-up Internet access? Step 1: First, go to the “Control Panel” of the “Network and Sharing Center”

Step 2: After entering the “Network and Sharing Center”, click on the left side of the “change adapter”

Step 2: Click on the “Network and Sharing Center”, then click on the left side of the “change adapter”. Settings”

Step 3: Find the icon of the ADSL broadband connection that has been created (the default name is Broadband Connection, if the user has changed the name, please pay attention to the style of the icon);

Step 4: Right-click on the broadband connection you want to set up, and select “Properties” in the pop-up menu. “

In the Properties window that opens, click on “Options” to enter this tab, and then remove the checkmark in front of the “Prompt for name, password, and credentials (P)” option. Click the OK button in the lower-right corner.

Step 5: Right-click on the broadband connection you want to set up, and select “Create Shortcut” in the pop-up menu

Step 6: Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen, find All Programs, click All Programs, and then find Startup, right-click on Startup, select “Open”, and then select “Open”. “Open”, the broadband connection shortcut created on the desktop, copy it to the open window. All the operation settings are completed, the user’s computer can be realized after boot, automatic ADSL dial-up connection.

The way to cancel the automatic connection to ADSL is to find the broadband connection in Start-All Programs-Startup and right-click to delete it. (The deletion is only a shortcut, it does not affect the already created broadband connection)

Cell phone auto dialing how to set up?

Question 1: How to set up cell phone auto dialing first depends on what kind of cell phone you have, if it’s a smart phone it’s usually done through software, and the general cell phone auto IP dialing should be inside the call settings. Your cell phone should be a smart phone, you look for the settings in the cell phone defender or caller ID installed on your phone, it should be solved.

Question 2: How do I set up a number to automatically redial my cell phone by selecting it in the call settings item in the phone’s settings

Question 3: What’s the deal with the cell phone always auto-dialing a number to a person? Who is it for? If it’s a stranger, it’s a rogue program on your cell phone that automatically consumes your phone bill. Be careful! If you know the person, it is possible that you have set something in the phone, or some software will have this convenient function. Just turn it off!

Question 4: How do you set up a cell phone to automatically dial a number on the phone 5 points jerk you can directly Baidu Nokia 3100 manual / user manual download (Chinese version)

Question 5: How do you cancel the automatic dialing of a cell phone with 125907268446? business functions, shielded from all kinds of fee-sucking service providers charge confirmation tentacles. The method is as follows:

A. If you are a mobile user: please use your cell phone to directly call 10086 to receive the same manpower desk, requesting to close the dream network SMS business (this call is free). After the successful closure of you if you still mistakenly click the trap menu, you will receive the following text message: “Dear users, due to the lack of your authorization, this request has not been successful, such as the need to use, please call 10086 to open, China Mobile.”

B. If you are a Unicom user: please directly use your cell phone to edit the SMS pbyw to 10655132 or 10655133 to cancel the Unicom in the letter business (this SMS is free). After successfully closing you will receive the following SMS if you still clicked the trap menu by mistake: “You have applied for blocking the Unicom in the letter business function, if you want to resume the business please send hfyw to 10655132 China Unicom Tips.”

It should be noted that after the cancellation of such services, if you are a customer of some banks, securities companies and high-end shopping centers, the SMS to them to you will also be blocked at the same time, because these SMS are also sent to you with the help of the two major platforms of the DreamNet SMS and Unicom Zaixin.

And, if the mobile company 10086 artificial desk service refuses your application (after all, those charge business mobile and Unicom are divided), you can rebuke her justifiably, and ask for her work number, guaranteed that she will be compromised. Remember: It’s only right to defend your rights, and you don’t have to be shy about it!

In addition: According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, as long as there is no prompting to press a key on the text message sent by the operator’s illegal behavior, such as the customer to the local service provider to complain about the fifteen days without result, can be to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to submit a complaint by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to the Ministry of the State Department of the Ministry of Information Technology instructed to the relevant departments to return the illegal income.

2, if you use the above method is still not assured, especially the individual cottage phone automatically dialing the charge phone situation, with the above method is very difficult to prevent the tripod do not worry, there is a wonderful trick (only dual-card dual standby cell phone): the use of the waste SIM card waste sucking the black hand. The method is as follows:

Nowadays, most of the cottage cell phones provide dual SIM card function, that is, a machine with two numbers, the user inserts two SIM cards into the cell phone, but in reality, very few people will use two cell phone numbers. At this time, you can look for a discarded SIM card (in the past, do not want to discard the SIM card, or go to the cell phone store and maintenance point to ask for, the attitude of the kind can certainly be asked for, the discarded SIM card they have a lot of), inserted into the SIM1 card slot (remember to be the No. 1 slot), the normal use of the SIM card into the SIM2 card slot, and then in the cell phone menu ” Settings” in the phone’s menu, go to “Mode Settings” and select “Dual Mode On”.

Because the cost-sucking programs in the fake phones are preset to send out text messages and make phone calls, as well as to automatically connect to the Internet, these cost-sucking programs are unable to tell if the SIM card is valid or not, so although they are still tirelessly sending out signals to their owners, China Unicom and China Mobile will not process and transfer the applications of this invalid SIM card at all. Naturally, the cost-sucking software won’t be able to scam the silver out of your wallet.

The trouble with this method is that you have to remember to press send 2 when you make your own calls, or else you won’t be able to dial out your own calls either. ^_^ Of course, it’s fine once you get used to it. In addition, this method has just been tested by me successfully, there is no guarantee that in the future the cottage phone JS people see this method to modify the program, SIM1 card is unresponsive automatically after the SIM2 card, that would be a problem. So, when you buy the second half of 2009 production of cottage machine friends remember more heart (temporary one and a half years JS action will not be so fast). But don’t worry, we’ll come up with something else.

Question 6: How do you set up cyclic auto-dialing on a Samsung cell phone?

Question 7: What’s wrong with auto-dialing on a cell phone? There are the following cases you set up the automatic dialing function, in fact, is the redial function, (cancel the function) you keypad is not locked,, mistakenly pressed the dialing build, (lock the keypad)

Question 8: How to cancel the cell phone repeat automatic dialing is estimated to be the cell phone key jammed

No keypad is the virus, check and kill it to try

There is a good chance that you will be able to find a good call in the call settings.

Question 9: How to set up automatic redialing on an Apple cell phone does not need to be set up, you just need to call and press twice in a row to replay.

Question 10: How to set up the cell phone auto dialing first depends on what kind of cell phone you have, if it is a smart phone is usually achieved through software, and the general cell phone auto IP dialing should be in the call settings. Your cell phone should be a smart phone, you installed on your phone in the phone guard or call pass inside to find the settings, should be able to solve it.