Where does the package installer open?

How to open an apk file

1APK stands for AndroidPackage, or Android Installation Kit (apk).

Opening method;


First of all, to determine the nature of your APK file, what is the location of the computer, whether there is any software in the computer that can open the APK file, if not, to install some type of software or open the APK file in the phone.


apk software is based on the development of LINX, and we now use the computer system is generally windos operating system, so certainly can not directly open. So you have to use some software or other methods to open it in your computer.


APK file is zip format, you can right-click on the file in the computer to select the way to open, and then choose to open with winrar to view the contents of the file. Or change the file extension to .rar, and then use winrar to extract the file, you will get a folder, which is the source file of the change program.


If you want to open the downloaded apk file in your computer, you can also download a pea pod or 91 assistant type of software and install it on your computer, then connect your phone to your computer via USB cable, you can read out the APK file on your computer and install it on your phone.


If you use the “ES Browser” with an Android system phone to find the apk file stored in the phone, click on the file is equal to decompression, then you will be asked if you want to install the file, if you agree to it, the software will be installed in your phone. This is to open the APK file directly from your cell phone. This is the best way to open the APK file directly from your cell phone.


Actually, an APK file is just a zip file, a type of file that is installed on an Android phone with the suffix apk. The operating system of the Android phone itself has the software to open this type of file, and after decompressing it through UnZip, you can then install it directly into the Android phone system.


APK stands for AndroidPackage, or Android Installation Kit (apk), which is a file format similar to SymbianSis or Sisx. APK files can be installed by transferring them directly into an Android emulator or Android phone to be executed.

The apk file, like sis, packages the androidsdk compiled project into an installer file in the format of apk. The APK file is actually in zip format, but the suffix is modified to apk, and after decompressing it via UnZip, you can see the Dex file, which is an acronym for DalvikVMexecutes, i.e. AndroidDalvik executes the program, not JavaME bytecode but Dalvik bytecode.

Android in running a program first need to UnZip, and then similar to Symbian as direct, and WindowsMobile in the PE file is different.

File Format Editor

Format Definition

In the Android platform, the dalvikvm executable is packaged in apk format, which is eventually decompressed by the runtime loader, and then obtains security access related to the permission branch of the compiled androidmanifest.xml file, but there are still many security limitations.

If you pass the apk file to the /system/app folder, you’ll see that execution is unrestricted. The installed files may not be in this folder, and in androidrom, system apk files are placed in this folder by default and they have root access.

How to open apk file in computer?

The way to open apk file in computer is as follows:

1, first of all we find apk file in the folder, right click on the file and select properties.

2, in the properties of the menu bar will be the file suffix apk to zip.

3, in the file suffix apk changed to zip, choose to click on the OK option.

4. Click on Unzip the file with modified format to view the folders and files included in the apk file.


Huawei phone package installer

1, open the Huawei application market.

2. Search for the application you want to install.

3. Once you find the application, click the “Install” button.

4. The system will prompt you to install the app, so click “Install”.

What is, package installer, how to use it on Android

It’s the program that installs the software apk package, which will open when you install the software.