Where to find Baidu map panoramic time machine

How to open the panoramic map time machine

Tools / raw materials: cell phone model: vivox9, cell phone system: Android 7.1.2, cell phone software: Baidu map V16.3.0.

1, open the Baidu map, click on the upper left corner of the layer.

2. Click to select Panorama Map.

3, select the location on the map, and then click to view the panoramic map.

4. Click on Time Machine in the upper right corner.

5. Select the time to view the previous panoramic map.

Baidu Maps” Street View Time Machine method of selecting locations

Baidu Maps Time Machine allows users to view the real-time images of a location before, through the Street View Time Machine function, so that you can clearly see the changes in these places. Baidu map time machine how to choose the location? Some partners are still not too clear. Below I have brought you the specific operation method introduction, let’s come together to understand it!

Baidu Maps Time Machine how to choose the location?

1, first open the Baidu Maps APP, click on the upper right corner of the “layer”

2, enter the click on the “panoramic map” option to open

3, in the map to move!

3. Move around the map, find and select the location you want to see, and then click on “Street View Panorama” at the top

4. Finally, click on the time machine in the upper right corner, and select the time.

Baidu map time machine how to use

Open Baidu map on your computer, click the bottom right corner of the panorama.

Then the mouse turns into the shape of a camera, find these on the map with the entrance sign to enter.

Find the point like the entry, go in and then you can see the panorama, by dragging the mouse can also be 360 degrees around the view. Then at the bottom you see that there are different scenes, mouse over the lower scenes, some of them can be seen a few years ago option, this is the time machine, you can view the pictures of now and before, to be able to see how the place has changed. But not every point that offers a panoramic view has a time machine, this needs to go one by one and click in to see if there is a time machine feature offered.