Which is the best location to install the wireless card driver

Which folder on the c drive is the wireless card driver installed in? Do I need to uninstall the original driver?

Any folder will do, no need to uninstall.

Method 1:

Right click on Computer – > Management – > Device Manager.

2. Click on Device Manager – you will not be able to see the NIC device, but there is an Ethernet controller in the other devices, right-click on the Ethernet controller and click on Update Driver Software.

3. Select Browse Computer to find the driver software, and browse the location directly to the path of the NIC driver file.

Method 2:

1. Backup the original driver with Driver Manager: to prevent incompatibility between the newly installed driver and the hardware, which may cause problems for your computer. Enter the driver life a click on the driver management a select driver backup, check the network card, and then start to backup.

2. Restore drivers with DriverLife: When we find that the new driver is not as good as the original driver, we need to restore the driver.

3, uninstall stubborn network card drivers, using Driver Life can be directly uninstalled, will not lead to file deletion by mistake, and will not lead to system reinstallation.