Why word tables do not show numbers

word insert the title note when the table a few tables do not show the number of what happened

word insert the title note when the table a few tables do not show the number of ways as follows:

1, the table is too small

[need to pull the grid is large, the font display settings to be appropriate, generally point the right-click, the emergence of the cell alignment, select the appropriate plate.

2, the grid is too large

[need to adjust the font, drag the form to make it smaller]

3, because the form of line height is set to a fixed value, and the text is larger than the set line height caused by.

Why are 0 and 9 not displayed in a word table

Open the table and enter a number starting with 0 in a cell.2

After pressing enter, and seeing that 0 is not displayed, we right-click on the cell.3

Click on the right-click menu on the Set Cell Formatting

word tab alignment numbers not showing

What you are asking is what is the reason for word tab alignment numbers not showing? Excel sheet inserted in Word table and text box inserted in Word table.

1, in the Word table inserted Excel table. You can select the Excel table, press [Ctrl+X] key combination, cut the Excel table into the Word document, and then adjust the tab position.

2, inserted in the Word table text box. You can select the text box, click [Format] – [Text Box Style] – [Shape Options] – [Text Surround] – [Float Above Text], and then adjust the tab position.

word document form digital adjustment descending does not show

Word form does not show sorting

By sorting the data in the Word form, the steps are as follows:

Step 1, in the Word form, select the 2nd to 6th line, and then in the menu bar click “Forms “ยกรบ” Sort “menu command.

Step 2, open Word Forms “Sort” dialog box, in the “Main Keywords” drop-down list, select “Column 7”. “Type” select “Digital”. Then click the “Descending” radio box, and click “OK” button to achieve sorting.

qq tourer word why can’t the number of numbers

qq tourer word can’t the number of numbers is set up special formatting. word table set up special formatting, the format can be removed. Click on the cell that can not be entered, do not consider whether the cursor appears, and then double-click the cell corresponding to the ruler on the hanging indent icon. Then there will be a paragraph of the settings interface, find the special formatting settings area. Then set the special formatting to none.