word form to move up how to do

word form above the blanks can not be moved up how to do

If the table in MicrosoftWord above the blanks, can not move the form up the problem, you can try the following steps to solve it:

1. Check the paragraph formatting: to ensure that the paragraph formatting has not been set to “Vertical Alignment – Center “or Bottom Align”. Select the table above the paragraph, and then in Word’s toolbar or menu to find the “paragraph formatting” option, the alignment will be adjusted to “top alignment”.

2. Adjust the line height: Select the table above the line, and then right-click the mouse, select the “line height” option. Adjust the row height to the appropriate size to ensure that there is no space above the table.

3. Adjust the page margins: the form of blank space above the page may be set too large margins lead to. Select Word’s “Page Layout” tab, and then click on the “Margins” option, adjust the size of the margins, so that the form moved to the appropriate location.

4. Check the text box or object: If a text box, picture or other object is placed above the form, these objects may cause the form can not be moved up. Select the object and delete it or move it to the appropriate position.

5. Remove blank lines or whitespace: Check for blank lines or whitespace above the form. Remove any blank lines and make sure that no characters such as spaces or tabs exist above the form.

If you still can’t solve the problem after trying the above methods, we recommend that you refer to Microsoft’s official support forums or contact Microsoft Office’s technical support team for a more detailed solution.

word can not drag the form is how?

word can not drag the table reasons:

1, because the form is still a little big. At this point, one of the forms or two forms to adjust a little smaller.

2, with the form properties, select the right side of the form, the right mouse button – Form Properties – select the surrounding type around.

Regular operation:

1, only a form of time, move the mouse to the upper left corner of the form of the appearance of the cross icon, hold down the left mouse button can be moved.

2, when a page with more than one form, it is best to use the form nested to position and layout, moving is very difficult to do precisely.

WORD how to move the overall table up?

Question 1: Word form how to move the whole up a line if your form is very regular, you can select the following content, the whole of them with the mouse to drag and drop upwards can be.

You can also cut the contents of the above line and drag and drop the following content upwards, and then paste the contents of the first line to the last line.

If the form is irregular, you can in the form of the left-hand side of the line (the mouse cursor becomes a rightward slanting arrow) press the left mouse button to drag down the selection, select the following form, the following content dragged into the above line of the first cell, which will be the following contents of the overall upward movement of a line.

If a lot of content below, you can use the above approach to drag the above line to the end of the line.

There is also a stupid way, if the top line is a blank line, you can delete the line above, and then build a blank line below.

If the cell as a whole to move up, in the deletion of the uppermost cell to select the following content can be moved up.

Question 2: In WORD how to move the entire form up the emergency 4444 will be selected, right-click properties, select for embedded type, then you can add to delete the carriage return to adjust the table position. If you set the form properties to other types, you can select the form and then drag and drop.

Question 3: Print Preview would like to move the entire excel table up how to operate can be achieved in this way:

1, Page Layout – – Margins —- custom margins:

2, will be on the page margins to reduce:

Question 4: How to EXCEL form to bring up a line or move down to select the line that needs to be moved, the mouse to move to the upper (or lower) edge of the line, when the cursor becomes a cross four-way arrow, hold down the Shift key and drag upward with the mouse until the target position let go.

Question 5: How do I move the typed word up when doing a table? I do not know whether your table format WORD or EXCEL,

In the EXCEL table for the right-click – – Set cell format – – Alignment – – There are horizontal and vertical alignment – – In the vertical alignment in the choice – lean up. In the WORD table for the right click – – cell alignment

Hope you are useful.

Question 6: How to move the table up in WORD put the mouse in the picture position, hold down the left mouse button and drag directly.

Can also be selected form with the arrow keys in the move (hold down ctrl + arrow keys is micro shift)

Question 7: excel how to move the whole line up or down first select a line or multiple lines (the whole line selection, multiple lines can not be spaced out)

Move the mouse to the selection of the region’s borders, when the mouse cursor becomes a cross with an arrow shape, left hand hold down the keyboard Shift key, right hand hold down the left mouse button

drag the mouse up and down to the desired location, release the keyboard and mouse to complete

Refer to the following chart:

Question 8: EXCEL form which want to move one line up how to move? Seek solutions! Cut and paste method.

1, click on the line you want to move the line label (line number), select the line, such as the third line

2, click the right mouse button, from the drop-down menu, select “cut”

3, click the location of the need to paste the line below the line label (line number), select the line, such as the eighth line

4, click the right mouse button, from the drop-down menu, select “Insert cut cells”

The third line moved to the seventh line

Question 9: wps form how to move up to select the ones you want to move to copy and paste and then delete the original on the line

Select a line (that is, you want to move the data of the previous line) right-click — “Insert a column

In the upper left of the table there is a control button. Click on these four little arrows and then perform a move or copy and paste operation.

Question 10: How to Excel text in a large cell to move up Select and hold this cell – Format – Cell – Alignment – – in the vertical alignment in the selection of the center, you can.