word table can not move left and right

word can not drag the table is how?

word can not drag the form reasons:

1, because the form is still a little big. At this point, one of the forms or two forms to adjust a little smaller.

2, with the form properties, select the right side of the form, the right mouse button – Form Properties – select the surrounding type around.

Regular operation:

1, only a form of time, move the mouse to the upper left corner of the form of the appearance of the cross icon, hold down the left mouse button can be moved.

2, when a page with more than one form, it is best to use the form nested to position and layout, moving is very difficult to do precisely.

What if the table is off to the left in a table in word and can’t be moved?

Can not be moved then it is possible to split the column.

Operation: Format – columns – in the preset inside the choice of a column to see if it is good.