word table how to add table name

word form how to add the name?

word2010 as an example of the steps:

1, open word, insert the table as shown;

2, select the first line, right-click the menu to select the merge cells;

3, enter the title of the form, click the center button;

4, right-click the cell and select the border and underline command;

5, the border and underline dialog box.

6, the effect as shown:

How to apply a name to a table

The steps to apply a name to a table are as follows:

Step 1, open a word file with a table, or create a new word document, insert a table in the document.

Step 2, click on the top left of the form, select all the forms we want to add the number.

Step 3, find and click on the quote option in the menu bar of the word document.

Step 4, and then in the citation menu below the toolbar click to select Insert Title Note.

Step 5, in the pop-up dialog box of the title note click on the drop-down arrow at the back of the label bar, in the drop-down menu click on the selection of the table.

Step 6, click the drop-down arrow behind the Position column and click Select above the selected item in its drop-down list and then click OK.

Step 7, then, in the table above the generation of “Table 1” number. And then in the table behind the 1 with the keyboard to enter the name of the form can be.

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word how to add a form name to the form

Point to the upper left corner of the form, when the mouse pointer becomes four arrows drag down enough to the title of the position, and then enter the form title on the line.