word table how to adjust the margins

word table cell margins how to set

word table cell margins set up as follows:

1, first of all, open the Word document, insert a table.

2, and then click on the form with the mouse, then the top of the page will pop up “Form Tools” menu.

3, then the “Layout” tab to find the “alignment”, select “cell margins” option.

4, then find the “Allow adjustments to the cell spacing” column, and then enter the cell spacing to be set.

5, and finally click “OK” button.

word table how to set the left and right margins

Open Word open Word, insert a table. Click the “Form Tools” cursor to insert a form, in the toolbar above the pop-up “Form Tools” context menu, click the “Form Tools” under the “Layout” tab. Layout” tab. Click “Cell Margins” in the “Alignment” group click “Cell Margins” button, pop-up “Form Options ” dialog box can be.

We inevitably have to work in word in the use of tables, but sometimes word within the table format is more difficult to get, we have always done in excel, and then copied to word. If you want a Word large table to be divided into two, in fact, a key can be completed.

Word software to create the table:

1, open Word2007, click “Insert” select the card in the “Form drop-down list”, and then in the illustration of the table to determine the size of the table to be drawn at random, and finally click to complete the drawing of the cell.

2, you can also set up a window to achieve the insertion of the form. How to make the specific method of form: Click the “Insert” tab in the “Forms”, from its lower list, select “Insert Forms”, in the pop-up dialog box enter “Columns: 5, rows: 3”, you can also achieve the same insertion form operation.