word table with lower border

word form how to add a diagonal bottom line?

The steps are as follows:

1, start word, click the Insert tab form button;

2, the pop-up menu to delineate the number of rows and columns of the form, the left click to confirm;

3, the effect is as follows:

4, right-click on the cell you want to add diagonal lines. Select the border and underline command;

5, the pop-up border and underline dialog box, click the border tab, click the left slash or right slash button, apply to modify for the cell, click OK;

6, the effect is as follows:

word how to add a border to the table

1, open the Word2010 document page, select the need to set the border of the entire form or a specific cell.

2, click the “Design” tab.

3, in the “Drawing Borders”, click the “Pen Style” lower triangle button.

4. Select the appropriate style from the list of styles.

5. Click the “Stroke Thickness” lower triangle button.

6. Select the appropriate size in the Stroke thickness list.

7. Click the pen color triangle button.

8. Select the appropriate stroke color in the Pen Color box.

9, in the “Form Styles” click the “Border” lower triangle button.

10, in the menu, select the need to set the border can be.