autodialer when the computer starts up

Computer how to set up automatic dial-up

Question 1: How to set up a computer automatic dial-up connection you right click on the broadband connection there, click on the send to desktop shortcut, so the desktop will have a shortcut. – “Startup” item can be automatically started.

Then in the “Network Connections” on the properties of this dial-up connection, set to automatic connection, the “disconnect and redial” option to put a check mark. Save it.

If you are using the system’s own dial-up program, there is no option to connect automatically. You so wrecked right-click >>Properties >>>Options >>>Cancel: Prompt for the name, password and certificate in front of the hook

Question 2: The computer has to unplug every time you go online, how to set up an automatic connection to the network on the boot of the auto connection to the broadband setup method:

1, right-click “Broadband Connection” → Properties;

2, Options → Remove the check box “Prompt for name, password and credentials, etc.” and “Show progress of connection when connected” → OK → Close;

3, Start → All Programs → double-click the “Startup”, opened the “Startup” window;

4, the desktop “Broadband Connection” icon dragged to the window. window → restart the computer to take effect.

Question 3: How to set up automatic dial-up for broadband connections ???????? The method is as follows ………….

Click “Start→Settings→Network Connections” and click the right mouse button on the dial-up icon, then select “Properties→Options” and remove the check mark in front of “Prompt for name, password, and certificates”. Remove the check mark in front of “Prompt for name, password and credentials”, and then save the changes. Copy the dial-up connection icon on the desktop or in “Network Connections”, then right-click on the taskbar, select “Properties→Start Menu→Customize→Advanced”, and open “Programs→Startup Programs”. Finally, right-click in the “Startup” folder in the blank position and select Paste. After logging off or restarting the system, you can see that the dial-up program has automatically connected to the network. This way, every time you turn on or reboot your computer, it will dial up automatically. You don’t need to connect manually every time.

Question 4: How to set up automatic dial-up on the XP system Click Start – Control Panel – Network and INTERNET Options – INTERNET Options – &quo at; Set up or change your INTERNET connection – in the INTERNET Properties dialog box, select Dial-up regardless of the existence of a network connection.

Question 5: How to set up a computer to automatically connect to broadband specific setup steps are:

1, right-click on the “Online Neighborhood” – Properties;

2, in the subsequent emergence of the “Network Connections “window, right-click ADSL (depending on what you named yourself, that is, the one that is not a” local connection “

2, in the subsequent “Network Connections” window, right-click ADSL (depending on what you named yourself, that is, the one that is not a” local connection “

3, in the subsequent properties dialog box, click” Properties dialog box, click “Options”;

4, the subsequent “prompt name, password and certificate, etc.” in front of the check mark removed, click “OK” exit;

5, put the “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”, “local connection”. p>

5, the desktop ADSL icon dragged to the start menu behind the “startup”, and then delete this icon on the desktop, it is OK.

The next time you start your computer, WINDOWS will automatically start the dial-up program for you, so you don’t have to dial up again to get online.

Question 6: How do I set up automatic dial-up Internet access on my computer? If you are already connected, please point to the bottom right corner of the broadband connection icon, double-click the pop-up valve, select “Properties” – “Options” – “Options” in the “dial-up options” there are three choices, put the hook are Remove all the checkmarks. Remove all the checkmarks. Then move the unplug icon on the desktop to “Startup”. The next time you turn on your computer, you’ll be fine.

Dang, you really don’t know how to use a computer.

Open my computer, C disk, double-click into DocumentsandSettings, which is generally two folders, one AllUsers, the other is your own established. Into your own one. “Start” menu —– program —- start. Okay, then drag your desktop unplugged icon in.

If that doesn’t work, then paste one into the AllUsers startup. It’s absolutely OK

Question 7: How to set up a computer to manually dial-up to Win7 for example, set up the steps are as follows: factory 1, modem connected to the home broadband line, through the twisted-pair cable connected to the host computer’s network card;

2, turn on the host computer, enter the system;

3, click on the task bar network icon, click to open the network and sharing center

4, click set up a new connection and network;

5, click connect to internet, click next;

6, click broadband (pppoe);

7, enter the broadband account password, click connect.

In the future, if you need to connect to the Internet, you need to click on the broadband connection first.

Question 8: How to set up a desktop computer without dial-up. Every time I turn on the computer, I have to dial up. Trouble… There seems to be no auto dial-up. Suggest using a router.

Thanks for your question

Question 9: How do I set up an auto-dialup connection for broadband Internet access on a Win7 system? Create a new connection Bean enter the account number and password after first selecting Properties, in the options to remove the prompt name and password certificate checkbox, and then OK, then you only need to click on the shortcut to this connection in the future you can automatically log in

Question 10: How to cancel the computer’s automatic dial-up Internet access? Step 1: First, go to the “Control Panel” of the “Network and Sharing Center”

Step 2: After entering the “Network and Sharing Center”, click on the left side of the “change adapter”

Step 2: Click on the “Network and Sharing Center”, then click on the left side of the “change adapter”. Settings”

Step 3: Find the icon of the ADSL broadband connection that has been created (the default name is Broadband Connection, if the user has changed the name, please pay attention to the style of the icon);

Step 4: Right-click on the broadband connection you want to set up, and select “Properties” in the pop-up menu. “

In the Properties window that opens, click on “Options” to enter this tab, and then remove the checkmark in front of the “Prompt for name, password, and credentials (P)” option. Click the OK button in the lower-right corner.

Step 5: Right-click on the broadband connection you want to set up, and select “Create Shortcut” in the pop-up menu

Step 6: Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen, find All Programs, click All Programs, and then find Startup, right-click on Startup, select “Open”, and then select “Open”. “Open”, the broadband connection shortcut created on the desktop, copy it to the open window. All the operation settings are completed, the user’s computer can be realized after boot, automatic ADSL dial-up connection.

The way to cancel the automatic connection to ADSL is to find the broadband connection in Start-All Programs-Startup and right-click to delete it. (The deletion is only a shortcut, it does not affect the already created broadband connection)

Why does the computer always have a dial-up connection since the computer is turned on


There are programs to connect to the Internet when you turn on the computer, and the browser is set to always dial the default connection there will be a problem of the computer is always turned on with a dial-up connection.


1, click on the Start icon in the lower left corner;

2, click on the Control Panel;

3, click on INTERNET;

4, Options in the Connection under the change to never dial-up connection .