Beautiful word tables

Word how to create a beautiful form?

A method of inserting forms

1. Insert tab → Forms → Insert Forms

2. Text to Forms

Step 1: Select the text to be converted into a form

Step 2: Click Insert! ” tab → “Forms” group in the “Forms” drop-down button, and then select “Convert Text to Forms” in the list

Step 3: In the open “Convert Text to Table” dialog box, in the text separated by the location of the “tab”.

Two, the application of the form

1. Form page, how can the title repeat the display?

The contents of the form to the next page, I already do not know which content of each data expression, look at a return to the title line to see, it is a real hassle, there is no solution to this problem?


First of all, select the need to repeat the title line (Note: you can select multiple lines as a repeat of the title line! And not just limited to one line), and then click Form Tools → Layout tab → Repeat Header Row in Data Groups, then we can see the selected header rows in the next page of the table repeat display.

2. How to align the form vertical lines?

After inserting the form, the results of the vertical line of the upper and lower cells how to not be aligned? This can be anxious baby. In fact, this is good. Hold down the Alt key, and then in dragging the border of the form, you can fine-tune the form of the frame line.

3. How to set up a document in the text automatically adapt to the form?

When entering text into a word form, if the text is too much, the form of the column width will automatically increase to adapt to the text, you can make the relevant settings, so that Word automatically adjust the text spacing to adapt to the size of the form in order to achieve the text, the form of the purpose of harmony.


1. Select the form in Word, and then select [Form Tools]/[Layout] menu command to open the [Properties] dialog box.

2. Click the [Forms] tab, and then click the lower-right corner of the [Options] button to open the [Form Options] dialog box, cancel the [Auto resize to fit the content] check box is selected, click [OK] button to return to the [Form Properties] dialog box.

3. Click the [Cells] tab, click the [Options] button to open the [Cell Options] dialog box, check the [Adapt Text] check box. Click the [OK] button. Return to the [Form Properties] dialog box and then click [OK] button to close the dialog box.

Note: You can also select only the text you need to adapt to the form.

How to make a good look at the word table

Step 1: Sometimes take a document, it may have some of its own formatting, but it is a bit of a mess, this time a little bit of change instead of trouble.

Second step: set the full text format (font, font size, line spacing)

The body of the general Song, small four characters, line spacing is a fixed value of 20 pounds (if you choose to five characters will be spaced 18 pounds)

Selected text – right-click – font

Selected text – right-click – paragraph

Third step: set the format of one, two or three titles -(outline level, paragraph before and after, indentation, font, font size)

The first level of headings outline level 1, left-justified, 1 line before and after the paragraph, left indentation of 2 characters, three bold or Microsoft Yasuo

The second level of headings outline level 2, left-justified, before and after the paragraph of 0.5 lines, no indent, small three bold or Microsoft bold

Third-level headings outline level 3, left-justified, 12 pounds before the paragraph, 6 pounds after the paragraph, not indented, 13 bold or bold


Selected text – right-click – paragraph

Step 4: Insert a table of contents

2010 word version of the citation, I remember the previous version of the In the previous version I remember in the insert

Point insert directory – select the level of display as needed

Step 5: header footer page number settings

Different pages want to show a different header (or some of the partners do not know how to do not show the header in the first page page number) are a very important issue – pay attention to the subsections!

If you want to show a different header for this page and the previous page, or if you want to start from the beginning, insert a separator at the end of the previous page! For the separator, please select the section break.

Sixth step: create the cover

Here depends on your own needs, the general name of the organization / school, logo, theme, participants are indispensable

Logo and name can be placed in the upper left corner or the upper right corner

Theme name or something in the middle of the center on it

People and what to do with the theme and what to put in the bottom right corner

People and what to follow the theme and what to put in the bottom right corner

People, what to do with the theme and what to put in the bottom right corner. placed in the lower right corner

Lastly, there are some small tips to share with you:

1. make good use of the formatting brush;

2. make good use of F4 – redo the previous step;

3. punctuation to find and replace (sometimes in the hands of the word there may be some things to paste from the pdf, is not very user-friendly, the Chinese punctuation has become English. Chinese punctuation have become English punctuation, this time batch find replace is very important);

4. English articles remember to choose the two ends of the alignment;

5. If you need to print the document, the English language and the number of choices of Arial font, if it is an electronic version of the best possible or TimesNewRoman

6. If you print the document, you can choose to use five Font 18-pound spacing can be.

word table style how to set

word table style how to set

word table style how to set, many people in the office will choose to use the computer office, our ‘life and work is also increasingly inseparable from the computer, some of the relevant operation is also need to pay attention to the following look at the word table style how to set.

word table style how to set 1

After inserting the table in word, select the table.

Click on the right side of the menu bar location of the “table design”.

Click on the drop-down triangle to the right of the table style.

Select the desired table style to set.

word table style how to set 2

Open Word table

We open a Word table need to add a table style.

Select the table

Select the Word table all.

Select Form Styles

Click [Form Styles] and select [Theme Style 1 – Emphasis 1].

Form Add Style Effect

Finally, we see that the form is added with a nice style.

word table style how to set 3

First, click on this small button to select the table all.

Then we click on the Design tab button.

Next we find the Style sub-column.

Also expand the little triangle.

At this point we will see a very large number of styles.

We can also set underlines for individual rows and columns.

word of the horizontal row table how to make?

First, the production method:

In the page settings, horizontal. 

Second, the use of word skills:

1, Word Forms play auto-fill:

In Word Forms, select the cells to be filled with the same content, click “Format ¡ú Bullets and Numbering”, enter the “No.” tab, select any one style, click the “No.” tab, select any one style, click the “No.” tab. “tab, select any one style, click the” Custom “button in the” Custom No. List “window” in the” No. Format “field Enter the content to be filled, in the “Numbering Style” column select “None”, click “OK” to exit.

2, Word in the trick to lose weeks:

Click “Format ¡ú Bullets and Numbering”, enter the “Numbering” tab, click “Customize”. button, in the “Numbering Style” column, select “one, two, three” and other styles, in the “Numbering Format” column in the “one”. “before entering” week “can be.

3, paste the content of the web page:

Paste the web page in Word, just copy the contents of the web page, switch to Word, click the “Paste” button, all the contents of the web page will be copied to Word as is, this time in the copy of the content of the lower right corner will appear a “Paste Options” button, click the button to the right of the black triangle symbol, a pop-up menu, select the “text only” can be.

4, fast conversion of capital amounts:

In Word, type 12345, and then click “Insert ¡ú Digital” command in the pop-up “Digital” dialog box “Digital Type “column, select the Chinese version of the number “One, two, three ……” click “OK”, then 12345 will become the Chinese number “Ten thousand two hundred and thirty-four hundred and forty-five”.

5, remove the automatic numbering function:

Click “Tools ¡ú AutoCorrect Options”, open the “AutoCorrect” dialog box, enter the “AutoFormat when typing

Click “Tools→AutoCorrect Options” to open the “AutoCorrect” dialog box, go to the “Apply Formatting Automatically as You Type” tab, find the “AutoNumbered Lists” check box in the “Apply Automatically as You Type” group, and remove the check box in front. This will remove those “annoying” automatic numbering function. The same can also remove the “canvas”, the method is: Click “Tools ¡ú Options”, enter the “General” tab, remove the “Insert ‘Optional graphics’ when automatically creating a drawing canvas “check box on the hook can be.