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Solution of Dede installation template file blank in computer

We usually encounter a variety of problems when we carry out website template installation in computer. For example, a user feedback that he found that the template file does not exist after restoring the database in his computer, that is, the Dede installation template file is blank. What should we do? Next, with the editor to see the specific solution to the problem.

Specific methods are as follows:

1, first of all, after the completion of the installation, you need to reinstall or restore the database, the following chart of this is the local data restore to a new type of server.

2, after the data restore, view the “template – default template”, you will find that there is a file name, but no specific file data.

3, login ftp to see if the specific you fill in the default template style, the following chart, you can see that there is data, then, and now to solve the problem of why the background template does not show.

4, in the “system – basic parameters – template style” in your own template style into the default default style, click OK.

5, for the default default template style to see whether the template file exists. The following chart, still does not exist, you can see that other problems, not the cause of the template.

6, open / dede/mole_main.php file, comment out the 91 and 95 lines of data, the following chart $moles_remote=$dm-GetMoleUrlList($moletype,$mrl); and $moles=array_merge($moles,$ moles_remote).

7. Click OK after re-uploading to process the data. Open the template-default template and you can see that there is data.

The solution to the blank Dede installation template file in the computer is introduced here for you. If you have encountered similar problems, you may wish to refer to this tutorial to solve the problem to see!

Problem with dede template mobile?

This problem may be caused by server settings or related configurations in the DEDE Content Management System (CMS).

First, you need to make sure that your server has set the default document correctly. The default document is the file that is automatically loaded by the server when the URL path is set to a directory, usually “index.html” or “index.php”. In your case, you want the server to load “index_m.html” by default. You can change this setting in the server configuration file.

If you are using Apache server, you can add the following line in the .htaccess file:


If you are using Nginx, you can change the following line in the configuration file:


This will make the server load “index_m.html” by default instead of other files.

Also, you should check the mobile settings of DEDECMS. In the backend administration, check if the mobile homepage template has been set up correctly.

How to solve the problem that the list page template does not exist in the backend of dede?

Go to download the latest version of dedecms, copy the list page file from the template in the new under dedecms to your directory.

If it doesn’t work, go and confirm that the template in this section is bound to that page, change the file name, or you can specify the template file yourself.