dhcp service not working

Ethernet is not enabled dhcp how to do

Ethernet is not enabled dhcp processing method is as follows:

Operating environment: RedmiBook16, windows 10, computer “Run” option.

1, first press the shortcut key “win + r”, and then click Run.

2. Then go ahead and type services.msc and enter.

3, you can find the “DHCPClient” service and double-click to open it.

4. Finally, change the Enable Type to Automatic and the Service Status to Started, then press OK to save the settings and restart the local connection.

Characteristics of Industrial Ethernet:

Industrial Ethernet technology is derived from Ethernet technology, but it is very different from ordinary Ethernet technology. Industrial Ethernet technology has been adapted to meet the needs of industrial production in terms of safety and stability.

Adding the corresponding control application functions, it proposes the corresponding solutions to meet the needs of specific industrial applications. Industrial Ethernet technology in the practical application, can meet the industrial production of high efficiency, stability, real-time, economy, intelligence, scalability and other aspects of the demand.

Can really extend to the actual enterprise production process of field equipment control level. And combined with the characteristics of its technical applications, give the actual enterprise industrial production process of all-round control and management, is a very important technical means.

DHCP server connectivity status failure DHCP server connectivity status failure reasons and processing

dhcp server connectivity status failure reasons:

1, there is a serious problem with the network settings.

2. If it is the only router in the network, then there is a problem with the wan port settings.

3. The LAN port address may also conflict with other devices on the network.


1, only the main router needs to turn on the DHCP server, if the router uses a dynamic IP, you must turn off the DHCP server.

2. Check the wan port settings.

3. The IP address is in conflict with the router’s IP address, so you should be able to change the LAN address of the router.

win7 system dhcpclient service can not start how to solve [details]

I believe that many users are aware of dhcpclient service in the win7 system is generally not closed, because as long as the use of dsl/cable to access the Internet, we need to use this service, but when the user uninstalled tcp / ip protocol, and then in the reinstallation of the protocol, you will find that the vpn software can not be used normally, and the system will pop up a prompt: dhcpclient service failed to start, then win7 system dhcpclient service can not start how to do it? Today we share with you the solution to the dhcpclient service can not start.

dhcpclient service failed to start the solution:

1, most users may think of Win7 system registry to repair the problem, if you want to repair Win7 registry, it is recommended that the user first guide registry preparation data. For example, find the same version of Win7 operating system, and then find the path of the deleted keys, the registry data on a normal computer to export, and then double-click to import to this computer.

2. Users can also choose to use Win7 System Restore to restore the registry keys to the point in time before they were deleted. After restoring, go to the Services section of the Control Panel and look for the DHCPClient service, which you can usually find and turn on.

On the dhcpclient service can not start the solution for the users are detailed to this side, if the users use the computer also encountered the same problem, you can refer to the above method to solve the problem step by step Oh, I hope that this tutorial can help you, more exciting tutorials, please pay attention to the IT encyclopedia.

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