How do you get the code to force a file to be deleted?

How to edit bat force delete file?

1, it is best to create a new blank folder to store this batch file.

2, and then right mouse button to create a new text document.

3, feel free to name it, for example: Universal Delete.

4, double-click to open, enter the following characters and save.

5, change the extension to bat, click yes, confirm.

6. Drag and drop the folder you want to delete onto the bat file icon.

7. Or drag and drop the file you want to delete onto the bat file icon.

8, and then release the hand you can see the following window, and then look at the top of the folder has disappeared.

How to force a file to be deleted?

How to force a file to be deleted

Sometimes a file, or a folder on the system can’t be deleted, prompting that the file is in use and so on. This can be solved by using the command Force Delete.

First of all, I would like to explain the method of deleting a folder forcibly: when deleting a folder, you can’t delete it, and the prompts shown in the figure below appear.

Then we will use the DOS command to force the deletion, click the desktop Start button, find the Run option.

Click Run, type CMD in the Run text box, and then Enter. Then at the DOS command line shown below, type: rd/s/qE:\acd, Note: rd/s/q followed by the path and folder name of the folder that needs to be forcefully deleted.

Again, the method of deleting files is explained: when I delete the file in the figure below, it is prompted that the file is in use and can not be deleted. Then I will DOS command to force the deletion of this file, also in the DOS command line inside the operation,

In the command line enter: del/s/f/qe:\QXOpenGame.exe, Note: del/s/f/q followed by the need to force the deletion of the file is located in the path and the folder name, the file name should be brought to the end of the extension.

After entering, the original file that could not be deleted has disappeared.

Can someone help me write a .bat program that forcefully deletes files

Copy the following to a blank document and change the suffix to .bat

DEL/F/A/Q\\? \1

RD/S/Q\\? \\%1

Then drag the file you want to delete on

Someone help me write a source code. Execute the bat file source code

Of course you can

First of all, insert the picture data, insert the file type select all files, and then select your BAT file

This insert two files, and then use the “half-cent Mu Yi” said the method to write the program

. Version 2

. Subroutine_button1_clicked

Write to file (“c:\1.bat”,#image1)

Run (“cmd/cc:\1.bat”,false,)

Delay(1000 )

Delete file (“c:\1.cmd”)

. Subroutine_button2_is_clicked

Write to file (“c:\2.bat”,#image1)

Run (“cmd/cc:\2.bat”,false,)

Delay (1000 )

Delete the file (“c:\2.cmd”)

Very simple look at the adoption~

Who can help me write a JAVA applet?

importjava.math. .args){



inti=parseNumber(input). intValue();



doubled=parseNumber( input).doubleValue();

System.out.println(“resultis: “+(i+d));


privatestaticNumberparseNumber(Stringinput ){











Write a bat that deletes a file under a folder

del/f/s/qD:\TextDocument.txt (Delete TextDocument.txt under D:) del/f/s/qE:\NewFolder\*. *(delete all files under E:\new folder) rd/s/qE:\new folder (delete the new folder) if you want to create then use the md command, such as D:\create a folder, so mdD:\new folder if you change the name of the folder with the ren command, for example, bar D:\new folder to 123renD:\new folder123 there are many similar commands, very useful. The command, very practical, suggest you on Baidu reference reference

Who can help me write a C51 program! I’m not sure if I can do it, but I’m sure I can.

What C51 program? How can I help you if I don’t make it clear

Can someone help me make a .bat program to clear temporary files

del/f/s/q”%userprofile%\LocalSettings\TemporaryInterFiles\*. *”

del/f/s/q”%userprofile%\LocalSettings\Temp\*. *”

del/f/s/q”%userprofile%\recent\*. *”


del/f/s/q%windir%\prefetch\*. *



del/f/s/q%systemdrive%\*. _mp


Please help me write a bat file

First. Does this file have special properties . For example read-only\system\hidden ????????

There are two ways to do this: (assuming this file is called xx.dll)

1\dos implementation: (del command)

copycondeldll.bat (DOS will allow batch commands to be entered after this command is executed)

attribC:\ProgramFiles\ CommonFiles\xx.dll-a-s-h-r


Finally press Ctrl+Z or F6 to end the editing

-a is to remove the archive attribute-s is to remove the system attribute-h is to remove the hidden attribute-r is to Remove the read-only attribute, only ordinary files can be deleted with del

2\Dos implementation (Deltree command)

deltree is an external command of Dos, the default Win98DOS and pure DOS can be used directly. If you can’t use it under Win98DOS and DOS, it means that there is a problem with the Path setting (i.e., the path of the external command)

copycondeldll.bat (after executing this command under DOS, it will allow you to enter batch commands)

deltree/yC:\ProgramFiles\ CommonFiles\xx.dll

Finally, press Ctrl+Z or F6 to end the editing

This method can directly delete read-only files without removing the attributes

If you are deleting a dll file that you are not sure about, you can use the command parameter %filename%

Copycondeldll. copycondeldll.bat



No test, but the idea is certainly correct, the command parameter is seldom used, you can check the relevant DOS information

Is there a program that can forcibly delete files?

You want to install the new software but the registry has, so can not be installed, you can first delete the registry information, for example, you open the registry editor, run regedit, enter / in the editor to look for information about Kaspersky, and then press F3 one by one to find the relevant items to delete the line. Removing files and uninstalling programs are not the same concept.

How to write a c program to delete the contents of a file





fp=fopen(“txt”, “wb”);



Who helps me write a bat processing file

@echoofftaskkill/f/im “a.exe”/tren “d:\a.exe “a.exe.bakren “d:\b.exe “a.exestart”” “d:\a.exe”

How to force delete a file or folder

If it’s a normal file you can delete it by the following method

How to force delete a folder?

An invincible delete command, any undeletable file can be deleted

New text file to write the following command:

Copy the code

The code is as follows:

DEL/F/A/Q//? /%1

RD/S/Q//? /%1

Save as “Delete.bat”

Then, to delete the file or directory to drag and drop the bat file icon can be deleted. Everything is OK, do not believe everyone try ah.

With this, but also other auxiliary software to do. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do that.

How do I force a file to be deleted?

You can make the recycle bin on the desktop display ah ~ ~

Two methods, the first does not work you use the second

Right-click on the desktop – desktop – customize desktop –Restore the default icon on the line~~

The second

Start – Run (or press win + R) – gpedit.msc –User Configuration –Administrative Templates –Desktop –Remove Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop –Enable to change to unformatted on the line ~

You also have two ways to force the deletion of files the first is shift + del

The second is to use the right mouse click to delete at the same time press shift

You can also be deleted in Safe Mode. Restart your computer and you can just delete it


A nice little piece of software, installed and added to the right mouse button. Try it if you are interested!

File Deletion Terminator

File or folder deletion method for special filenames

End with “.” Directory deletion

The last thing is how to delete this kind of folder, which can be realized by the “rd” command corresponding to the “md” command, such as “rdaļ¼Ž /” can remove the “a.” directory. If the directory is not empty, you need to add the “/s” parameter, such as “rd/sa…/”, and then press “rda…/”. /”, then press “y” to confirm. If you don’t want to press “y”, then add the “/q” parameter, so that you can activate the quiet mode to delete the directory without confirming, e.g. “rd/s/qa…/”. /”.

Please note that if there is a user-created “…” directory in a directory, the directory cannot be deleted directly using the “/s” parameter; the “…” directory must be deleted separately before the corresponding parent directory can be deleted. directory before the corresponding parent directory can be deleted.

If a hacker creates a folder with too many files, it’s impossible to manually delete them one by one, so here’s a great tool we recommend.

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