How to add a title box to a word table

[word set the table header method step by step chart]word table set the table header

In the production of the form, often back to encounter the production of the table header, then how should I make the table header? In fact, the method of making the header is very simple, next I give a simple example to tell you word set the table header method, I hope to help you.

word set the table header method

Open word, if the inserted form is relatively long across the page (shown in the figure below), in order to facilitate viewing and beautiful, we need to set up so that the header automatically appears on each page

Select the header, right-click and select “Form Properties” after the dialog box pops up!

In the pop-up dialog box, click on the “Row” attribute, check the “Repeat at the top of each page in the form of a title” option, and then click OK

Settings are complete, each page of the table will automatically generate the table header!


The header must be the first line of the form or the first line from the beginning of the first consecutive N line to set

Note that the fruit inserted in the form of manual page breaks, Word can not be set up to repeat the header

Word Tips and Tricks

1, instantly cancel the background of the Word print

When we have just edited a document by printing, we will not be able to use it. just finished editing a document by the print command, and then do not want to print the current document, then how can we instantly cancel the background printing task? Generally speaking, after you issue a print job, the program will automatically set the print job to print in the background, and at the same time, the printer icon will appear on the status bar, and the number next to the printer icon will show the page number of the page being printed. If you want to cancel the background print job instantly, you just need to double-click the printer icon with your mouse.

2, Word2003 so that the text with the size of the text box changes

When we edit documents in Word, often need to use the text box to achieve some special applications, such as typing text in the text box to achieve special effects, but there is a problem is that, when we enter the text in the text box and adjust the size of the text box after the text will not be followed by changes. In fact, we can let the text box text size with the size of the text box “synchronized” changes; click to select the text box, and then select “Cut”, and then the implementation of the menu “[Edit]-[[Selective Paste]”. Selective Paste]”, in the form of paste, select “picture (enhanced metafile)”, now drag the text box to see if you can change the text size at will.

3, Word2003/2007 quickly switch between English case

When entering English sentences in Word, generally the first letter of each word is uppercase, the usual method of input is to enter the first letter of the first case will have to switch. This is very troublesome. May as well enter all lowercase characters, and then select all the words, press the key combination “Shift + F3” to try, is not the first letter of each word has become uppercase? Press it again, and all the letters are uppercase! Press it again, and it’s lowercase again. Originally, the key combination Shift + F3 is an English case switching key, make full use of this key combination, the future of the English input will be much more convenient.

4, Word2003/2007 Word Forms “Shift + Alt + arrow keys” to adjust the line order Word Forms editing can use some shortcuts to improve efficiency, such as “Shift + Alt + arrow keys “combination, very useful, with” Shift + Alt + up (or down) arrow keys “to adjust the order of paragraphs in the document, you can also adjust the line order of Word forms. Method is: to adjust the insertion point placed in any one of the line of cells (or the end of the line before the paragraph markers), press the “Shift + Alt” key, and then press the up and down arrow keys, press the “Up Arrow” key to make the line in the form of upward movement, press the “Down Arrow” key. “Down arrow” key can make the line move down.

5, Word2003 remove the paper in the answer to the multiple-choice questions

If you want to remove the multiple-choice questions in Word2003 after the brackets have been the answer, you can follow the steps below: Press “Ctrl + H” key combination to open the “Replacement ” dialog box, in the “Find Content” box, type “(^)”, in the “Replace with” box, type “()” ( )” (space in the middle of the brackets), click “Replace All” button. But “” can only indicate an arbitrary letter, that is, the above operation can only eliminate the single choice of the answer, if multiple choice questions, can be found in order to join more than one “” to find and replace.

6, Word in English fonts “differentiated treatment”

In a mixed Word document in English, often need to document the font formatting such as “Chinese for the italic four characters, English for the ArialUnicodeMS body “and other specific forms, how quickly and accurately complete the task? Well to do, the following we Word2003 as an example of the specific operation process: 1) open the required Word document, and then in the “Edit” menu, click the “Select All” command to select the entire document; 2) in the “Format” menu, click the “Font” command; 3) Click the “Font” tab, and then in the “Chinese Font “box, select” italic “; in the” font size “box, select” No. 4 “; in the” Western font “box, select” ArialUnicodeMS “; click” OK “button. Now, all the English document is set to ArialUnicodeMS body, and all Chinese is set to italics, but the size of the English are set to four characters.

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Word how to quickly add a title to the table (two methods)

Word writing often need to insert a variety of forms, today I’ll share two ways to quickly add the title of the table.

First of all, we open the WORD document, and insert a form for demonstration purposes.

The first method, as shown in the figure, click on the form of the upper-left corner of the control icon button, select the form (you can also use the mouse to select all), right-click, in the pop-up menu, select “Insert Note”.

Pop-up “Note” option box, enter the name of the form, the location of the “selected items above”, click OK.

The second method, select the form, click on the title bar, “Citation”, in the lower toolbar we see that there is “Insert Note” button, click on it, the same pop-up “Note” option box, to do the same! “options box, the same settings on it.

The effect of the two methods to add a table title is the same, the effect is shown in the figure below.