How to add a title to a word table 2

How to insert title text in front of the form in word (add title above word form?)

In fact, there has always been a problem confused, that is, the form at the top of a page, above the place where there is no input text, to insert the title text in front of the form in word, every time you encounter this problem, solved to forget, and here as a right to a small notebook, documenting the download word in the form before inserting the title text, it’s very simple, the following introduction of several in Word the form before the insertion of text method:

A, the carriage return method

As the name suggests, is to take the approach of the carriage return to solve this text problem.

Principle: mouse click on the upper-left corner of the first cell to place the cursor in the cell, if the cell has no content, hit the Enter key above the form there will be a line of space. If the cell has the content of the cursor placed in the content before, and then hit the Enter key can be. If there is a line or lines above the form to enter text space, the above operation will not make the form above the increase of a line. Can only play a role in increasing the cell where the line a line of space. As shown in the figure.

Two, drag method

This method of ah note is that the following must now knock a few empty lines out.

Principle: Forms after the carriage return, the establishment of a few blank lines. Select the form, move it down a few lines, the top of the title can be added to the text of the empty line

Three, cut method

First of all, the word in the form of crel + X shortcut cut, and then enter the text in the word title, enter; ctrl + V paste the form in the corresponding text below can be. This method is most commonly used, and the most simple.

Four, the conversion method

If you encountered this situation? word form in the body, and the form of this page is on the page in the form of unfinished parts, many people will drag, drag and drag on the chaotic, and even the impact of typography

Principle: Forms – Convert – Forms into text

Methods: First of all, select the form of the first line, right-click! menu, select “Insert Line, in the form of a new line; second, select the newly added line, in the word menu, select “Forms – Convert – Forms to Text, click OK; finally, insert the text, the conversion of tabs to delete.

Fifth, the text box method

There is no way when, in front of the form to insert a text box, enter the text title, how do you want to drag how to drag, this is the ultimate version. However, it is important to remember is to please put the text box “shape outline set to white, so it looks better.

word document how to add the second level of title

Select the text of the title, directly click on the title 2 can set the second level of title. Here I will demonstrate the detailed steps ❥(ゝω・✿ฺ)

(Computer model: Hewlett-Packard (HP) Shadow Elf 8Pro, software and version number: WPS11.1.0.13703)

1, open the need to set up the second level of headings of word documents.

2, select the text to set the second level of the title, click on the Start menu under the title 2.

3, and then you will find the second level of the title of the font size has changed, click on the title, you can also visualize the title to display the title of the title of the 2.

The above is the word to set up a second level of title tutorial, learned the partners to try it ✧ *. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧ *.