How to cancel Apple developer account and password

How do I cancel the AppID inside my expired Apple developer account?

The way to logout is different for different types.

If it’s an iTunes logout, the steps are: 1. Click on the account location in the upper-right corner; 2. Click on the small triangle on the right, and pull down the entry;

3. Select “Sign

Out; 4. Complete the logout.

If you are logging out of IOS, the steps are:

iOS device desktop→Settings→Store (or App


Drop down to the bottom→Click on Apple

ID account→Choose to log out.

ipadiCloud how to cancel the account

1, first open the iPhone phone on top of the [Settings] application to enter inside,

2, then click on the top of the login AppleID, iCloud, iTunes and AppStore column.

3. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Log Out button to enter your Apple icloud account password for verification.

4, password verification is successful, inside the iCloud will be whether to keep the phone data prompts, from the pop-up page according to personal needs to choose whether to keep the data above the phone, and then click on the exit button can be logged out of the iCloud.

Expanded Information:

Can icloud be logged off

ICLOU can be logged off. The method of logging out is as follows:

1, open the phone, enter the settings, click on the user account option.

2, after entering the bottom of a logout button, click on the exit login, enter the iCloud password to close, exit my iphone.

3, click on the exit login, after the completion of the logout of the phone is in the state of not logged in.

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple that allows users to store up to 5GB of data for free. iCloud was first officially announced by Apple on May 31, 2011. Apple claims that iCloud will replace MobileMe, which is a new rewrite of MobileMe that provides the original Mail, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe, MobileMe and MobileMe. On June 6, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs hosted the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), officially unveiling the cloud services iCloud, iOS5, and OSXLion. iCloud’s function is to store content, including purchased music, apps, and e-books, and push them to all devices. etc. pushed to all devices.

Apple cloud service icloud password password are forgotten how to cancel

Forgot the password to delete icloud method:

1, first of all, first enter the need to delete the iCloud account.

2, in the second column of the password there to delete the original and then enter ios (any password)’

3, and then tap Done after the error will appear. Tap OK. Then top left, cancel and enter again.

5, the third column of the description there, if the beginning of the words iCloud, delete all; if the beginning of the words do not have these words, first enter iCloud, and then delete.

6, pull to the bottom of the phone, find my iPhone. has been closed, is it? Then you can just delete the account.