How to change broadband username and password cell phone

Telecom broadband how to change the password with a mobile phone

China Telecom’s broadband password forgotten, you can call the telecom customer service transfer manual service, to the customer service instructions to reset the password, you can also log on to the China Telecom online business hall online to modify, the steps are as follows:

1, first of all, log on to China Telecom’s online business hall website, and then log on to their broadband account number or The cell phone number bound to the broadband, after logging in will automatically enter the personal center, click on the password management as follows:

2, then you can see the service password and broadband password change, click on the broadband password change, according to the page prompts to enter the relevant information can be reset the password.

How to change the name of your home broadband password?

To change the name of your home broadband password, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open the browser on your computer or cell phone and enter the generic IP address of your router. Usually, the router’s universal IP address is or Press enter after typing to enter the login interface.

2. Enter the router’s username and password in the login screen. If you have never changed your router’s username and password, the default username is usually admin and the password is empty. Log in and enter the router administrator interface.

3. Go to the Settings screen and locate the “Wi-Fi Settings” or “Wi-Fi Password” option. Depending on the router model and firmware, the name of this option may vary, but it is generally found in the WiFi settings interface. Once this option is checked, you can make changes to the WiFi name.

4. After modifying the WiFi name and password, remember to save the settings and restart the WiFi device. This will make the new WiFi name and password take effect.

In short, it is relatively easy to change the password name of your home broadband, you just need to know your router type and generic IP address. You should save the settings and reboot your WiFi device promptly after the change to prevent problems or failure to take effect.

Mobile broadband new users how to change the account and password

1, open Baidu, search for mobile online business hall, and click to open the official website.

2. After you open it, enter your account number and password, and click Login.

3, login is complete, click on the top of the online business hall.

4. In the interface that pops up, find Broadband Business and click on Enter.

5. In the jumped interface, find the password change option, and click to enter.

6. After that, enter your broadband account number, the original password, set a new password, and click OK below.

6, then enter the broadband account, the original password, set a new password, and click on the bottom of the OK.