How to do the promotion of personal blog site

What are the ways and means of blog promotion?

One, you can do site promotion through the third-party blog

First of all, carefully do a few popularity of the three-party blog, such as QQ logs, Sina and Sohu blog. This type of blog is not to send out the main chain, and with our independent blog site, to do a good job of content, training readers.

Secondly, dig a number of ordinary third-party blog sites, specific dig how much, depending on the individual grassroots webmaster’s personal energy and time. Micro Tribe blog suggests that a site to open one is enough. As for the content, I think to forward the main independent blog articles, with anchor text links, for Baidu spiders to climb to our independent blog site to leave a path.

The first blog is a third-party platform on some of the mainstream blogs, I believe that we have the most contact with the QQ space logs, and then the Sina blog and so on. At present, NetEase, Sohu, Tianya, Alibaba have their own blog system, even if it is a random DZ built out of a website, but also to provide a blog location for registered users. So now the third-party blog can be said to be flooded, and most third-party blog popularity is not high, even NetEase, Sohu such a giant, third-party blogs are also relatively cold, Baidu before there is a blog system, but some time ago, also shut down, I

Look at the popularity of now higher only Sina blogs and QQ log space. Although the popularity of third-party blogs is not uniform, but in any case, whether it is Sina, Tencent or NetEase, Sohu, the weight is very high. Even a second-rate third-party blog, but also than most of the grassroots webmasters of the independent blog weight is much higher. Therefore, we can take the idea of blogging to feed the blog.

Two, through WeChat, say and Sina microblogging and other sharing diversion to do website promotion

and blogs, now fire up friends and microblogging, the difference between the blog, microblogging sharing effect is greater. To make an analogy, you have a 1000 friends QQ, send a dynamic say will be directly displayed to 1000 people’s friends dynamic. WeChat’s circle of friends can add 5000 people, Sina’s microblogging can have how many fans depends on your ability.

So, the heart to do some quality sharing content, to attract the traffic is very objective, plus now Baidu share, plus plus plus share and other plug-ins, so that sharing just a key between.

But sharing must be quality content, not all day to brush some similar advertising information, that will be counterproductive, by people to block out.

Three, through the independent blog site webmasters circle visit each other to comment on the website promotion

I think, this is the fastest way to see the results of a way, but also one of the fastest to integrate into the circle, you need to persist in the long term to do an aspect. Previously in the analysis of the micro-tribal blog traffic, I showed a few major visits to the micro-tribal blog, most of them are from the independent blog site of mutual visits. In comparison, Baidu SEO search engine contribution can be said to be minimal.

Four, had to do Baidu SEO search engine optimization

For us grassroots webmasters, Baidu optimization is still the top priority. A few days ago, the micro-tribe blog inclusion ranking anomaly, I have been tossing all aspects of the factors, as to what causes, even if the current has been resolved, I still can’t say, or may not be my reasons but Baidu’s factors.

But we still need to do the work to please Baidu. Do original, do chain related SEO search engine optimization article a lot, not much to say here. The last micro-tribe blogging experience is: the site as little as possible to toss!

Five, original plus submission

In fact, this is part of the Baidu SEO search engine optimization work, here alone out as the fifth point, because these two can be said to be a good independent blog site is the most critical work.

How to promote your blog?

One: Do a good job of Sina blog content and image

Do a good job of Sina blog content and image this is the most basic, want to promote themselves, first of all have to dress up beautiful, but also to let themselves have connotation and experience, there are other people can appreciate and learn from the content. Then first need to give their Sina blog a good theme, a good theme is equivalent to a good meter. A good theme is equivalent to a good instrument. It can give the user a new feeling, so that the user has the desire to continue to read the article. If the Sina blog article written enough good enough wonderful, perhaps the user will be able to remember your Sina blog domain name or title or put into the favorites. Next is to do a good job of Sina blog content, the content must be original, the best and your Sina blog theme echo, share some practical experience and so on.

Two: Sina blog comment promotion

Sina blog comment promotion is to go to other independent Sina blog comment to promote your Sina blog, most of the open-source Sina blog in the fill in the comments will allow you to fill in the website link, which is conducive to the blogger to visit,

In the fill in the comments of the contents of the content must be written, so that the blogger to look at a There is a desire to learn about you, so as to achieve the purpose of the blogger to return.

Three: QQ group promotion

To do QQ group promotion need to be targeted to add some groups, preferably independent Sina blog group, these groups are some independent Sina blog enthusiasts, in these groups not only can they exchange Sina blogging experience, but also can quickly and efficiently to find a link, in the group for a long time to recognize each other, the Sina blogs of the mutual visit naturally become a habit, so as to improve their own Sina blog. The first thing you need to do is to get a good understanding of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Four: soft promotion

Soft promotion is now the most popular way of promotion, push product push website push personal brand basically can not be separated from the soft promotion, just set up a good Sina blog Sina blog newbie can write a “why I want to establish their own independent Sina blog” or “the good of independent Sina blog”. “Independent Sina blog good” and other articles to major websites, when your Sina blog to do some achievements when you can write a “how I do a good job of independent Sina blog” or “independent Sina blog The way of business” and other articles as the voice of experience published outside so as to attract users.

Five: new article with old article links

This trick is to see a promotion of cowboys Sina blog to learn, new article with old article links not only to optimize the effect of the Sina blog, it is also very easy to publish from the soft place to bring the flow of traffic, for example, you write a data sharing article content inside the content of the previous shared top100 forums data, then it can be the title of this one with the previous old forum data. You can add a link to the old article in the title. If the reader wants to see the top100 forum data, he will have to click on this link to your Sina blog to achieve the effect of increasing traffic.

Sixth: microblogging promotion

The microblogging is a new product of the past two years, is the network marketing network to promote another powerful platform, the use of microblogging broadcast and forwarding function of their own Sina blogs to the fans, and then by the fans and then relayed to the fans of the fans. Note that when sending microblogging, it is best to cut the content of the blog into a picture and send it up, and then attach the address of the blog at the end of the microblogging content. This can increase the number of clicks.

Seven: seo optimization

Seo optimization is also a very important part of the promotion, through the keyword ranking is also a common way to get traffic to the site, especially Sina blogs and some small business websites and portals. The first thing you need to do is to choose a good target keyword, such as my Sina blog to choose “php tutorials”, the Baidu index is relatively high in this piece of php, and it is not very difficult. After selecting the target keywords, the keywords to do some high-quality links, and then do a good job of internal and external links, do a good job of these basically after the target keywords in one to two months or so can have a good ranking. In addition to the target keywords can also do long-tail keywords, you can find some keywords related to the target keywords to do, such as my Sina blog to do “php file how to open” this long-tail keywords, his search volume is relatively large, the difficulty is also relatively low, sitting on the first page is very easy, can bring a lot of traffic.

Eight: RSS feeds

If your Sina blog is doing well enough, the content of the user can produce value, then there will be users to subscribe to your articles through RSS. This way you write an original article every time you do not have to do anything to promote, but also will come to a lot of traffic.

How to use the blog for website promotion

Do blog promotion platform selection is very important. We do not seek more, only “fine”, “fine” needs to be examined from the blog weight and popularity. According to the observation of small left, available weight is relatively high, the popularity of the blog is also very high: Sina blog, NetEase blog, Sohu blog, the end of the world blog, and the newsletter blogs, blogs, blogs bus. If you want to do a good job of blog promotion, it is recommended that these platforms go to the opening of the blog.

First, to determine the positioning of the blog

Blog positioning is to build what kind of blog, many friends will only think of building the same name with the site or the same name of the company’s blog, this idea is right. But to do a better job of blog promotion, build product blogs, third-party blogs is very important, especially can build a third-party blog to create a star character can achieve unexpected results. For example, you are promoting web hosting, if you build a web hosting expert blog, dedicated to the need for web hosting friends to provide web hosting-related Q&A services, to make this expert into the industry’s star, at the appropriate time to recommend your sales of web hosting, I believe that a lot of fans will flock to buy, because the products recommended from this expert, these people are very much believe.

Second, the realization of the blog promotion goals

Doing a good job of the above two points is just a good blog to promote the groundwork, the most important thing is that we have to realize that we build a blog to promote the goal, but this needs to weigh their own.

But we can do keyword optimization with the help of these high-powered blogs, the way and method of updating their own websites, the title, the first paragraph of the content as well as the keyword selection need to pay more attention to the selection of keywords, especially keyword selection on the pick long-tailed keywords, keyword density within the article can be more than the usual to increase a number of. In this way we can blog the keyword ranking up, so that the search keywords of the user to visit, Sina generally in Google will achieve better results, NetEase in Baidu will have better results.

Promoting third-party blogs there is a skill, pay attention to the collection of the industry or we are more concerned about the blog, in these blogs to try to grab the first few floors to publish a comment, while the instructions to let everyone pay attention to your blog.

How to promote your website with a blog

Blogging is nothing new to most people. Nowadays, everyone who is online will have their own blog, even if they don’t update it often, but they have all registered in the major websites. Through the blog promotion in the online also appeared N years, is not something new. Now give you an explanation of how to promote their own site through the blog specific practices:

1, to the major well-known sites to register and open their own blog

Sina, Baidu, Blog China, Sohu, Google. Netease, etc., more is better. It should be noted that the more applications, the greater your maintenance workload. Focus on the need to register is Sina, Baidu Google and NetEase, these four blogs in the Baidu search in the highest weight, Baidu included after the ranking is more forward, especially Sina’s blog.

2, in the blog carefully set up their own personal data, especially the blog avatar, to choose a more attractive, preferably both attractive and representative of your product.

3, published in the blog, the best day to publish about 2, to do daily updates, so that the search engine will be included frequently. Published articles are best original, reproduced the best articles can be slightly modified, which is conducive to search engine inclusion, search engines prefer original articles. At the end of the article can be added to your store link information (preferably banner image + link), but also in the blog of the friendship link with your website link.

4, published in the blog article content can be product information, entertainment news, film and television reviews, sports reviews, emotional aspects, etc., this mainly depends on what you are good at. This everyone can look at the major sites on the blog. My experience is that entertainment gossip, emotional articles are more interested in netizens, product information to visit very few people.

5, after the content of the blog is full, you can apply to join some blog circles.

6, more to step on other people’s blogs, more messages, but do not send advertising, easy to be deleted by the blogger. This time mainly depends on whether your avatar is attractive, a good avatar will attract others to click into your blog. If you can grab the sofa of a celebrity blogger, then the people who click into your blog through your avatar will be many.