How to draw a slash in a word table

word how to draw a slash in the table

Method 1:

1, the cursor will be positioned in the table;

2, click the table tools layout —- draw a slash header button;

3, pop-up Insert Slash Header dialog box, in the header style at the table to choose a style can be shown in the figure.

Method 2:

1, select the need to draw a slash of the cell;

2, click the table tool design —- border button, in the pop-up drop-down selection to choose a slash can be, as shown in the figure.

how to draw a slash in word form

In word form to insert a slash of the steps:

1, in word form click to draw a slash of the top left corner of the cell, select the “Form” menu, find and click on the “draw a slash table header “option.

2, followed by the pop-up “Insert Slash Table Header” dialog box. In the dialog box there are five slash style, the user can choose as needed.

3, the user can add text according to their own needs in the form can be.

Please note: If the cell is too small, the system may automatically prompt the selected cell is too small and can not insert a slash header, then the user clicks “OK”, the cell will be automatically adjusted and successfully inserted a slash header.

word table how to add a slash

Method 1

1. Select the need to draw a slash table header blank cells, select the first blank cell here. Enter the “Design” tab, in the “Table Style” option group, click the “Border” button.

2. In the pop-up “border and background” dialog box, select the dialog box preview area in the lower right corner of the option, in the “Apply to” drop-down box, select “cell”. option, and finally click “OK” button to exit the dialog box.

3. Selected cells have been added to the slash, you can now enter text in the cell.

Method two

1. Select the need to draw a slash table header blank cells. Enter the “Layout” tab, click the “Table” option group “draw a slash header” button.

2. In the pop-up “Insert Slash Header” dialog box, in the “Header Style” drop-down box, select a header style, in the “Row Titles” and “Column Headings” in the text content of the input needs, in the “font size” drop-down box can choose the appropriate font size, and finally click “OK” button.

3. You can see the selected cell has been added to the slash table header and text content.

word form how to add a slash word in the method of adding a slash

1, open a word has been inserted into a table, and then select a cell, and then click on the menu in the “border” option.

2, will pop up a table and border options, click on the border, drop-down options.

3, a pop-up line, to select a “slash” option.

4, so in the cell, added a slash.

5, you can draw a line to add a slash, click on the Draw Line button.

6, select a cell, select the upper-left corner of the position in the drag to the lower-right corner of the position.

7, so that by way of drawing a line, the diagonal line is added.

word form how to draw a slash

This video applies to the system: Windows 10 Home Chinese, software version: Word2019.

First open the Word document;

Method one will be the left mouse button mouse positioning in the need to draw a slash cell, in the emergence of the [Form Tools] tab, left click on [Design]; and then left-click on the border drop-down button, select the diagonal line or diagonal line;

Method two left-click on the [Insert] tab [Forms]; and then point [Draw Forms]; left mouse button shape into a pen like, in the need to draw a diagonal form of the cell, from one corner to the other corner of the drag can be drawn to draw a diagonal line.