How to input ascii code to output letters

How to output characters as ASCII in c?

The code for the task is:





printf(“Please enter a letter:”);


printf(“The ASCII code corresponding to this letter is: %d\n”,w);.

excelascii code to letter

Convert ASCII codes to characters using C++.

Converting ASCII codes to characters using C++ converts to the corresponding characters.

Convert ASCII code to corresponding uppercase English letters, and output in the output window, and finally run the program, the ASCII code entered in the code, successfully converted to the corresponding upper and lower case letters.

How do I get the letters by typing ascii code on the keyboard, and what are those key combinations to press?

First of all, you need to have a numeric keypad on your keyboard

Press and hold Alt, and type the letters corresponding to the Ascii code on the numeric keypad

For example: hold down the alt key, type 42704 on the keypad, and then let go of the alt key, then the symbol “π” will be output. symbol.

This 42704 is actually the Unicode code for π. The first 128 bits of the Unicode code are the same as the Ascii code.

The 42704 is actually the Unicode code for “π”.

Write a program that asks for an ASCII value as input and then outputs the corresponding character.



int main()


int a;

while(scanf(“%d\n”,&a )! =EOF)



return 0;


Expanded Information

ASCII ( AmericanStandardCodeforInformationInterchange) is a system of computer coding based on the Latin alphabet, primarily used to display modern English and other Western European languages.

It is the most common single-byte coding system in use today, and is equivalent to the international standard ISO/IEC646.

In computers, all data is stored and computed using a binary representation of the number of digits (because computers use high and low levels to represent 1s and 0s, respectively).

AmericanStandardCodeforInformationInterchangeisdevelopedbytheAmericanStandardInstituteofNationalStandards. standard single-byte character encoding scheme for text-based data.

Started in the late 1950s and finalized in 1967. It was initially an American national standard for different computers to use as a common standard for Western character encoding when communicating with each other, and it has been designated as an international standard by the International Organization for Standardization (InternationalOrganizationforStandardization,ISO), and is known as the ISO646 standard.