How to install network adapter drivers to your computer

How to install network adapter driver

Network adapter driver installation method is as follows:

Tools/ingredients: Dell laptop, operating system win10, control panel v8.21.

1, find the control panel, and then there is a right-click on the computer management tab, and then click on the device manager.

2, this time right-click on the network card device tab, and then click on Properties, find the driver click on it.

3, the page will appear three options, click on one of the update driver can be.

4, browse the computer to find the driver software, browse the location directly to the CD-ROM network card driver.

Introduction to Network Adapter Drivers:

A network adapter driver is software used by the operating system to control the operation of the network adapter (network card). It is mainly responsible for establishing a communication connection between the operating system and the network card so that the computer can access the Internet properly. Overall, the network adapter driver is an important component of the computer’s Internet connection, and its performance directly affects the stability and security of the network.

The main functions of a network adapter driver include: initializing the network card and setting its parameters, such as IP address, subnet mask, gateway, etc.; sending and receiving packets, including packet format conversion, error detection, etc.; managing and maintaining network connections, including the establishment, maintenance, and termination of the connection, etc.; and ensuring network security, such as encrypting and decrypting data, and authenticating the user’s identity.

Win10 network adapter driver how to install

Everyone after the installation of the Win10 system will sometimes find themselves in the network has a problem, can not connect to the network to put, this situation is either a hardware problem, such as loose wires, router failures, etc., to rule out these then it is the network adapter driver has not been installed, then win10 network adapter driver How to install it? Now I will bring you win10 network adapter driver how to install the method.

Method 1:

1. Right-click on the desktop “Computer”, select “Properties” and open;

2. Open the left side of the properties of “Device Manager”;


3. Open “Network Adapters”, find the network card that needs to be installed, right-click and select “Update Driver”;

4. Select “Browse My Computer for Drivers”. Browse my computer to find the driver software”;

5. Browse for the location to find the CD-ROM NIC driver, and click “Next”, the system will complete the installation of Win10 network adapter driver.

Method 2,

1. Use third-party software to install, here to the driver wizard as an example, click on the “driver management”;

2. Driver wizard will be on the computer missing driver scanning, select the “one-click installation! The driver will scan your computer for missing drivers and select “One Click Install” to complete the installation of the Win10 network adapter driver.

The above are the two methods of how to install win10 network adapter driver, I hope it can help the partners.