How to Remove URL Tabs in Apple

iphone delete web bookmarks, how to delete?

As follows:

Operating device: iPhoneXR.

Device system: IOS14.4.

Operating software: safari browser.

1, first open safari browser on the desktop of the phone.

2, go to any web page, directly click on the bottom of the screen this small arrow of sharing.

3, the bottom of the screen will pop up a dialog box, click [Add Bookmark] this page will be added to the bookmarks.

4. To remove these bookmarks, click on the “Bookmarks” symbol at the bottom of the screen of any web page.

5. Press and hold down the bookmark you want to delete, and the corresponding web page will pop up.

6. Click [Delete] at the bottom, and the bookmark will be deleted.

Please ask how to delete the open web page of Apple X mobile phone

Methods to delete the web pages viewed by Apple cell phone: open your own Apple cell phone, enter the main page, click to enter the Safari browser page, click on the lower right side of the bookmarks icon, enter the bookmarks page, click on the clock icon, enter the history page, click on the lower right corner of the clear, select the time range of the clear, you can do it.

Methods of iphoneX deleting cell phone pages: iphoneX, if a page does not have the icon of APP, the page will be automatically deleted, you can remove the icon to achieve the deletion of cell phone pages, long press the icon of the page to be deleted, the icon will be jittery, at this time, you can move the icon; the icon will be moved to the middle of a more centralized page of the APP icon, the icon can be released; the icon will be moved to the middle of a more centralized page of the APP icon. At this time you can release the icon; click the “Done” button, you can.

The way to turn off the background program of Apple X: the phone can not turn off the page in the lock screen state, first of all, unlock the phone, enter the main screen; hold down the bottom of the cell phone screen with your finger, slide your finger upward, you can see the open page sorting; select the page that you want to turn off, slide your finger upward, then you can turn off the page that has been opened, and if all the pages are turned off it will be directly jumped to the main screen.

ipad version of Apple’s browser how to close all the tabs with one click

1, open the system preferences – keyboard – keyboard shortcuts tab

2, select the left side of the list of “add application shortcuts”, and click on the bottom of the “+” plus button

3, the application selected [Safari], the menu title enter “merge all windows”, the keyboard shortcuts can be set to “+Control + +”

Apple cell phone save desktop web page how to delete

When you are browsing the web, you like to add shortcuts to the cell phone web page to the desktop, so that it is convenient to view the next time, but these web pages more than one occupied the entire screen, so Apple cell phone save desktop web page how to delete it? Next take a look at it.

How to delete the Apple cell phone save desktop web page

1, click the Safari browser to surf the Internet, see a favorite web page. Next time you want to see, how to quickly find it.

2, it is very simple, slide up and down the web page, the function buttons appear. Select the center-most button.

3. After you press it, a dialog box pops up with sharing buttons, bookmarks, and so on, and the one we want to select is “Add to Home Screen”.

4, select “Add to Home Screen”, in the intersection of the pop-up dialog box.

5, you want to save the page, with your favorite name. Addresses do not need to enter, automatically entered into the. Enter the completion of the selection of the “Add” button.

6, finished, exit Safari, see what changes in the desktop. Obviously, my favorite pages have been saved on my desktop.

7, long press the saved web page, until the jitter and delete the application is the same, long press the icon, you can delete it.

This article is applicable to iOS11 with iPhone X as an example

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