How to set up word table labels

How to convert the word document form into label paper to print it?

1. create a new word document. word documents are generally default A4 paper (29.7cm * 21cm) size, if you need to print 31cm * 5cm size of the label, then you need to change the size of the paper to A3.

2. click on “Insert “-” Text Box “-” Draw vertical text box (V) “to draw a text box, and then selected, in the upper right corner of the” Size “” toolbar set the size of the text box: height 31cm, width 5cm.

3. Right-click on the selected text box, select the menu bar in the “Set Shape Format” – “Text Box”, “Horizontal Alignment” – “Draw Vertical Text Box (V)”, draw a text box, and then selected, in the upper right corner of the “Size” toolbar set the size of the text box: height 31cm, width 5cm. “Horizontal Alignment” select “Center”, “Text Direction” select “Vertical”, set the completion of the click on the “Close”.

4. Move the cursor into the text box, set the appropriate font and font size, enter the name of the label you want to set, print, cut and paste.

How do I set up a title note for a word table?

Insert the form, and enter the contents of the form.

As shown in Figure 1, the cursor will be placed in the need to insert the form location, point “Insert”, “Forms”, in the pop-up Insert Forms dialog box to set the number of columns and rows of forms, and enter the text in the form. (Note: You can also select the form specifications on the “form canvas”, not repeated here.)

As shown in Figure 2, point to the upper-left corner of the form above the “four-way arrow” (select all the buttons) to select the form, point “Citation”, point “Insert a note”, in the pop-up in the pop-up dialog box of the title of the note, the “label” set to [Table], “location” selected [selected items above]. Continue to point “No.”, in the pop-up dialog box of the title of the number, the number format is set to [1, 2, 3 。。。。], check the inclusion of chapter number, check the box contains the chapter number. , check the inclusion of chapter number, “Chapter Start Style” for the [title 1], “use the separator” for the [sentence], respectively, by the title of the note number and the title of the note dialog box in the OK button.

As shown in Figure 3, the table number is automatically located on top of the table, pull down the right side of the document style toolbar found that the style of the table name defaults to the title note.

word table caption how to set

This video demonstration model: Surface3, applicable system: Windows8.1 Professional, software version: WPS11.1.0.9339-release.

Open the [word], in the word, you can see that there is a picture and a table, the following will give them respectively, to add a note;

We first add a note to the picture, the cursor will be placed under the picture, click on the top of the [quote], in the new interface, find and click on the [title];

In the window that pops up, click on the pull-down [label] next to the option, select [Figure], and then click on the [OK], and then set up its position, so that the picture of the title note on the set up;

Likewise, we set up the same to the table below the title, this time in the [Label] drop-down menu, select [Table], click [OK], so that the form of the title of the note is also set up.

How to make labels in word

Use Word’s mail merge function, you can batch produce, print labels. The following is an example of a label pasted on a fixed asset to introduce the use of this feature. Then the next step is for me to share with you the skills to make labels in word, I hope to help you.

The steps to make labels in word are as follows:

Step 1: First of all, there needs to be a list of fixed assets. In order to describe the convenience of this example in Excel, create a new list of fixed assets, including the number, department, the user of three fields.

Step 2: Open Word, enter the label title, and label entry text. In this case, the fixed assets label, including the number, department, the user of the three entries, with the first step in the Excel data table in the field consistent. Copy this text first for backup.

Step 3: Then, click the “Mail” tab – “Start Mail Merge” group – “Start Mail Merge”. – “Start Mail Merge” button, in the drop-down menu, click the “Label” menu item.

Step 4: In the pop-up “Label Options” dialog box, select the appropriate label vendor and product number. In this case, selected “AceLabel” of the “405Series” label. You can also click the “New Label” button to create your own label by entering a label name and size.

Step 5: Word pop-up “In order to apply the selected label items, Word must delete the current contents of the fixed assets label.docx. The prompt. Because the label text has been copied in step 2, here directly click “OK”.

Step 6: Position the cursor to the beginning of the first label, and then execute the Paste command, copy the “Fixed Assets Label” text will be copied to the cursor position. Since each label is a table, so you can “Form Tools” dynamic tab, for the label content to add a table frame line.

Step 7: Click the Mail tab – Start Mail Merge group – – Select Recipients. Click the “Select Recipients” button, and then click the “Use Existing List” menu item in the drop-down list.

Step 8: The “Select Data Source” dialog box pops up, navigate to the fixed assets Excel spreadsheet in step 1, click the “Open” button. Although the label page in the Word document has not changed, but in fact the data in the relevant tables have been opened in the background standby.

Step 9: Position the cursor to the label “No.:” after the click on the “Mail” tab – “Write and Insert field” group – “Insert merge field” button, in the drop-down menu, select “number”, the label in the After the words “No.:”, then appeared “No.” domain. In the same way, insert the “Department” and “user” two fields.

Step 10: Now, click on the “Mail” tab – “Write and insert fields” group – “Update Label”. – “Update Label” button, all the records in the data table in step 1, are set in step 3 to the label on the page.

Step 11: Click the “Mail” tab – “Preview Results” group – “Preview Results” button. “Preview Results” button, you can see the actual content of each label.

Step 12: You can see that each label contains a field called “Next Record”. Since we have set the “Number” field in the label, so you can remove this field. Select the “Next Record”, press Ctrl + h keyboard key combination, in the “Find Content” in the paste, keep the “Replace with” as empty, and finally click on the “Replace All” button, that is, to remove all the labels in the field at once.