How to split columns in word tables

Word document how to split the columns?

[Answer]: First, use the “Columns” button

1. Implementation of the “View” ¡ú “Toolbar” ¡ú “Other Format” toolbar. Other Format” to display the “Other Format” toolbar. Select the content of the document to be divided into columns. (If you do not select any content, the entire document will be divided into columns.)

2. Click the “Columns” button on the “Other Formatting” toolbar, hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right to the desired number of columns and release the left button. In normal view, the document is only in the selected content before and after the insertion of a continuous type of “section breaks”, but in the page view you can see the actual effect of columns.

3. With this method is equal to the width of the columns, to change the width of the columns, you can use the horizontal ruler in page view to adjust.

Second, the use of “columns” dialog box

1. Select the document to be divided into columns. The implementation of “Format” ¡ú “Columns”, open the “Columns” dialog box.

2. As needed, select the “Preset” box in the style, or in the “Columns” box directly set the number of columns. By default, when you customize the number of columns, the width of each column is equal, if you want to adjust their widths, you can deselect the “Column widths are equal” check box, and then for the width of the columns, the column spacing to make precise adjustments. You can preview the effect of the settings in the lower right corner.

3. In addition, the dialog box there is a “separator” check box, you can insert a straight line between the columns to separate. Click the “OK” button.

Word how to split the column how to use?

Word columns set up as follows:

1, if you need to give the entire document columns, then select all the text; if you only need to give a paragraph to the columns, then a separate selection of that paragraph;

3, set up any multi-column

4, columns plus separator

If you want to add the effect of the columns of “separator”, you can check the “separator” in the “Columns” window to determine it.

word how to do two columns?

Can be divided into columns through the settings in the page layout, the specific steps are as follows:

Tools / raw materials

word2016 version, computer.

1, open the computer to find and double-click to open the word2016 version of the document software;

2, double-click to open the word document software, in the upper toolbar to find and click on the “Layout” command;

The specific operation steps are as follows:


word2016 version, the layout of the page.

5, set up and determined that after this time, press the Enter key to the second page when the split line will automatically be displayed.