How to view dial-up broadband usernames and passwords

How to check the broadband dial-up account and password

Method 1. Use the router settings interface to view the password:

1, use the computer to connect to the wireless network password, open the browser;

2, in the web address bar, enter 192, 168, 1, 1, click enter to access, this time the browser’s interface will be jumped, requiring the user to enter the login name and password;

3, select the wireless network dial-up interface to view, in the dial-up interface you will be able to view the broadband network network name and connection password.

Method two. Use third-party software ADSL view:

1, download and install ADSL software, start ADSL;

2, the window jumps after you will be able to see the user name and password of the broadband connection.

Method three. Use the computer network sharing center to view:

1, first open the computer’s desktop, click on the start menu;

2, in the start menu to find the “Control Panel” function, click to enter the control panel, to find the function of the management of the network;

3, click into the network sharing center, find the list of network connections, select the broadband connection, right-click on the broadband connection, in the new pop-up window, select the properties option;

4, the properties of the window will be displayed in the connection of the password and user name, click on the display characters to be able to see the password.

How to view the computer’s dial-up account and password

The method to view the computer’s dial-up account and password is as follows:

1, open the router, enter the router’s official website, click on the “find the Internet account”, the password can be used to “asterisk Viewer The password can be found by using the “asterisk viewer”.

2. Download “ADSL Broadband Password Viewer” to view the account number and password directly.

3. Dial the phone number of the operating company where the broadband is located, and you can check it after providing personal relevant information.

4. Go to the local business office and ask the staff directly, provide personal information and documents can be queried.

Dial-up account number and password: Also known as broadband Internet account number and password, it is the only Internet credentials provided to the user by the operating company when the broadband Internet service is opened. Users can use it to connect to the Internet and obtain various services.

How can I check my broadband password if I forgot it?

For those who have forgotten their broadband account, you can enter your router’s IP address in Baidu browser, log in and click on WAN settings under Network Settings to view your broadband account. You can also call the customer service hotline or go directly to the business hall and provide your relevant information to inquire.

1, Baidu

Open Baidu browser, enter the IP address of the router in the browser, usually on the back of the router can be viewed.

Enter your account number and password on the router’s login screen and click Login.

After logging in, you will see the router’s settings page, so click on “Network Settings” on the left side.

Find and click on “WAN Settings” in the Network Settings section.

In the pop-up page, the broadband account information will appear, which is the broadband account number and password.

2, customer service

When you forget your broadband account number, you can call the customer service number to transfer to a human query, and provide your own relevant information to query.

3, business hall

Bring the relevant documents, go directly to the relevant business hall can query.

4, online dial-up

Connect the cable directly to the computer, open the broadband connection program for dial-up, connect successfully to view the dial-up program broadband connection, save the record information can retrieve the broadband account and password.

How to check your computer broadband username and password

The way to check your computer broadband username and password:

1. Click on the bottom right corner of the picture as shown in the picture to open the Network and Sharing Center.

2, click on Change Adapter.

3. Tap on Local Connection Properties for details.

4, open the browser, enter in the DNS information you just saw, enter the default account password for the router, the manual has.

5, go in and tap the Internet account and password to view.

Broadband account inquiries:

1, call the communications operator or directly to the business hall. As long as you can provide supporting documents will give you a free process to reset the password.

2, log on to the online business hall, such as China Telecom’s broadband users, log on to, enter the “self-service ¡ú user center ¡ú password reset” can be processed. If you forget your password, you can retrieve it from your phone number.

3, using SMS business hall. Take China Telecom broadband users as an example, edit the SMS command “503 # owner name # ID number” or “MMCZ # owner name # ID number” sent to 10001, 10001 will reply by SMS reset results.

4. Using the router, log in to and reset the password in “Backup and Load Configuration File”.

Checking the IP address of the broadband router

Recently, the Municipal Education Center, out of the need to maintain the stability of the educational network, requires each unit to report the IP address of the router used, and then the Municipal Education Center will be the IP address and the router’s MAC address binding, in order to prevent ARP spoofing caused by network instability and Trojan horse viruses.

From the IP address reported by the units, a variety of correct format should be the fixed IP address format assigned to the educational intranet: “” and so on, of which the first two parts as long as the educational intranet, it must be “10.188. “, there is a difference just after the two parts, for our street, it may be 62.* (former Yunhe piece), it may be 30.* or 31.* (former Zhaode piece), it may also be 66.* (former Dongba piece). But some units reported broadband router IP is: “”, some reported “automatically obtain an IP address”, a look is not right. The former is the IP address of the router’s intranet, and the latter is one of the methods of setting up the computer’s local connection after applying the router. How do I check the IP address of my router?

The router is a network device that connects different network segments. For example, there are 100 computers in a school that need to access the Internet, but there are only 30 fixed IP addresses uniformly assigned by the higher-ups, so how do you get these 100 computers online at the same time? There are two ways to do this: method one, using a proxy server to access the Internet. That is, a higher configuration of the LAN computer set up as a server, the server installed two network cards, the first card network card IP address is set to 10.188.*. *, the second card’s IP address is set to, and then install the proxy server software on the computer acting as the server, and set the rest of the computers to 192.168.0.*, then you can share the Internet.

Of course, there are some server-side and client-side settings that need to be made, and different proxy server software has different setup methods. The second method is to use a router. Install a router at the LAN exit and set the WAN port IP address to 10.188.*. *, set the LAN port IP address for the LAN to 192.168.1.*, and then set the IP address of the rest of the computers to 192.168.1.*, which can also realize shared Internet access. Comparing the two, the router program has become the mainstream program for small and medium-sized units to share Internet access among multiple computers due to its low price, good installation, high reliability and easy maintenance.

The router’s role is to connect the 10.188.*. * of the education network and 192.168.1.* of the school’s internal LAN connected to realize the smooth flow of information. The IP address of the broadband router in the statistics of this e-learning center refers to the IP of the WAN port for the WAN, so it can only be reported in the 10.188.*. * format. How to view the IP address of the broadband router you use? The general view of the router is: open IE, in the address bar type (the router’s own broadband router IP), and then back to connect to enter, a login screen will appear. Usually the username and password are “admin”. After logging in successfully, you can see the broadband router’s IP address in the “System Status” and “Connection Information” pages.