How to view the mac address of the computer network card ah

How to view the computer’s network card MAC address?

The computer network card number is also called the MAC physical address, its view of the steps are as follows:

Method 1:

1, first click on the computer’s “Start” menu, and then click on “Run”.

2, in the open “Run” box, type “cmd”, and then press the Enter key, or click “OK” can also be.

3, then opened the cmd command line executable program, in the default cursor, type “ipconfig/all”, and then press enter.

4, and then you will get the results of the execution of the command, in the figure below the arrow 1 pointed to the back of the place, is the MAC address of the computer’s Internet card.

Method 2:

1, open the computer’s local connection interface, in the “Support” interface, click Details.

2, in the open network connection details window, the actual address is displayed after the MAC address of the network card number.

How to check the MAC address of a network card



The physical address of a network card’s MAC is the “number solidified in the card” and is a 12-bit hexadecimal number.

1. If you bought a new NIC, an easy way to find out is to look at the label on the NIC, which is labeled with the physical address of the card.

2. If your computer is already installed, then the query method is determined by your operating system:

(1) windows operating system (95/98/NT): use the winipcfg.exe command

Use the run command in the start menu, then type winipcfg.exe command to see a window with the NIC type, IP address, MAC address, subnet mask and subnet gateway. <BR> Note: Select the type by choosing the network card, not the PPPadpter.

(2) UNIX system (linux/redhat): use the ifconfig command.

Note: The user must be the superuser of the system.

(3) NCSA system: use the network card driver command.

Type the driver command for the network card you are using in the command line, and some information will be displayed accordingly.

3. If you have more than one computer to use, then you can query each other:

First of all, use the ping command in Windows DOS or NCSA, ping through the corresponding computer, and then use the arp-a command to query the physical address of the ping machine’s MAC card.

How to check the mac address of the network card

1, method 1: First, in the taskbar search box, type cmd, click the command prompt. Then enter the command prompt and then type ipconfig/all and press enter. As you can see in the picture below, you will be able to see the MAC address of the wired and wireless network card on this computer.

2, open the computer, the computer is normally turned on, and at the same time press the computer keyboard “function keys” and the R key. After pressing these two keys at the same time, in the Run dialog box, type cmd three run symbols. Then click on the OK button, then on the desktop will appear a windows command prompt page.

3, first of all, in the computer, the right mouse button click on the desktop network. Then, in the right-click option that opens, click Properties. Then in the opened properties window, click on Ethernet. Then in the window that opens, click Details. Finally on the window that opens, the physical address is the mac address.

4, the network card) address: at the same time, press “windows key + R” to open the Run dialog box, type “CMD”; in the open dos interface, enter the command: nbtstat-a19161 (IP address) In the open dos interface, enter the command: nbtstat-a19161 (IP address), and press Enter to find out the hostname and MAC address.