How to view username and password computer

How to view the computer’s user name and password

This video demonstrates the model: Hongji, applicable system: Windows 10;

First of all, open the computer screen, the computer desktop to find the lower-left corner of the 【Start】button, click on the entry, in the 【Start】functional dialog box, to find the right-hand side of the 【Control Panel】, to enter the Control Panel page, select 【User Accounts and Home Security】, jump to the next page after clicking 【User Accounts Accounts and Home Security], jump to the next page, click [User Accounts], you can see the computer’s user name;

On the left side you can see the [Create a password for your account], that is, this account does not set a password, if you need to, you can click on the [Create a password for your account], enter the password, and then click on the [Create a password] can be;

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How to view the username and password of the computer

Take windows 7 as an example, the username and password of the computer to view the method is:

1, find “my computer” or computer;

2, click the right button of the mouse, open the “Management”;

3, click “Local Users and Groups”;

4, select the user and click to open;

5, select the user and click to open! “

3, click “Local Users and Groups”;

4, select the user, click to open;

5, view the user and the password, you can also boot Windows, when running to the “starting WindowsXP” interface, press the “F8” key to bring up the system boot menu, select “Safe Mode with Command Line”;

6, when the run stops, it will be listed as “Administrator” and other users of the selection menu, select “Administrator” and enter, enter the command line mode;

7, double-click the group to view the permissions.

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