java programmer career plan example

Programmer Career Planning

Programmer Career Planning Sample Essay

Introduction: we should plan well for our personal career. The following is a sample programmer career plan for your reading and reference.


Today’s society, the IT industry is developing at a breakneck pace, the technology replacement cycle is small, the professional direction and field is a forest, a hundred competitors, if there is not a clear goal and aimlessly walk around, will not it be a dangerous time, a waste of years? As the saying goes, to travel a thousand miles, first set its will. Therefore, to draw up a career plan for themselves, will be their own future design. With the guidance of the direction, there will be a natural sail to ride the waves.


“Know yourself and know the enemy, a hundred battles will not be dangerous”, career planning, first of all, “know yourself”, that is, a comprehensive, in-depth, objective analysis and understanding of their own.

1) my advantages

Love to learn, have a strong interest in new things and do not understand the knowledge, like to ask why everything, if possible, will continue to study until you know the principle of so far; love of work, as long as the state of the work is often to reach the realm of forgetfulness, to do things considered, to the overall situation and the future as the most important, and in the knowledge of the application of the knowledge will go to the core behind the knowledge, from the experience to the theory. The core of the knowledge, from experience to theory.

2) My shortcomings

Overconfidence, obsessive a little too much; personality impatience, self-control ability in general; their own professional knowledge, ability to be further improved.

3) personal career tendency

Currently engaged in the java server-side software development work, I hope to become a technical management dual-capacity workers.

Career awareness

Programmers generally have two major directions: technology and management.

People who take the technical route must be obsessed with technology. But to go the long way, we need to do the technology through and through. How to do through, do through? Computer underlying (C, assembly, reverse engineering, driver, kernel), computer algorithms (grid computing, audio-visual screen compression, speech recognition …), architecture (software engineering, cross-platform, multi-language, etc.) should be involved. Only when we have mastered these, we can “see the essence of the problem”, “thought penetration”. These are the most valuable, need to be precipitated, just by doing projects, write code can not be achieved.

For those who take the management route, it is a person who has the character traits of “completing tasks as the first priority”, “having a plan, good at managing time”, and “good at dealing with people”. The important thing is “comprehensive quality”, not “specialization”. Must be a fundamental shift in thinking: technology is to solve the problem, and management needs to meet the “fast and economical”.

And my perception of the programmer’s career is: technology and management are not physically independent, but complementary. Only do technology can not deeply understand the global thinking, can not better serve the business; and only do management, and programmers gradually far away, and ultimately become a line outside the management, can not establish prestige within the team. Therefore, I hope to become a technical management dual-capability workers.

Environmental Analysis

Programmers are generally considered to have pretty good jobs for a lot of reasons. The pay is good, the benefits are good (potentially very good), the work is challenging (usually positively challenging), and based on the current employment situation and the demand for programmers, there is very little competitive pressure for this career.

However, in the domestic IT environment, it is not easy to become a qualified programmer. In foreign countries, fifty or sixty years old still sitting in front of the computer to knock code programmers abound; in the country, programmers rely on eating “youth meal”, thirty years old still need to rely on the programmer to knock the code is even called loser. this is mainly due to the rapid development of IT technology, programmers must constantly update their professional knowledge in order to adapt to the needs of society. The main reason for this is the rapid development of IT technology. The older programmers, due to thinking and physical reasons, can not be compared with the learning ability of the younger generation who just entered the society at the peak years, and can only struggle in the sea of learning, or forced to enter the management level that they are not good at.

Future life career planning goals and action programs

1) Phase goals

Phase Ⅰ: theory and practice period

Time: 1 ~ 3 years

Goal: their theoretical knowledge into the practical application of

Phase Ⅱ: the overall development period

Time: 7 ~ 10 years.

Goal: both technology and management, proficient in technical core and able to lead and guide the team work

Phase Ⅲ: Continuous Development Period

Time: 10 years

Goal: to solve out from the engineering ideas, to explore and absorb the ideas of other fields, and to lead and guide the field of engineering

2)Action Program

As the saying goes, “the body is the capital of revolution”, a healthy body is the prerequisite and foundation for a successful career. In the next 30 years of work and career, to adhere to the physical exercise, to develop a healthy body, for the success of the cause to provide physical security. Specifically, it is to develop good exercise, diet, lifestyle habits, to ensure that sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, exercise twice a week or more.

b) Keep the momentum of learning, live to learn. First of all, there is no need to talk about professional knowledge, whether it is technology or management must continue to learn, pursuing postgraduate studies is the first step. In addition, there is no end to learning, other areas must also be exposed to, including English, cooking, human resource management and so on. The next step is to enhance your English language skills, most importantly your speaking skills.

c) Maintain work enthusiasm and enhance work efficiency. Courageously undertake all the work of the unit and the different tasks assigned by the leadership, accept the challenges and pressure from all sides, and constantly improve your thinking ability, organizational ability, planning ability, and research ability, so as to make yourself a composite talent with high comprehensive quality and strong business ability.

Adjustment and evaluation

The plan is good, but more importantly, it is the specific practice and achieve results. Any goal, just say no, in the end will be empty. However, the reality is unknown and variable, set out the goals of the program at any time may encounter problems, which requires a clear mind and a good mentality, to do not change anything can be.

Success criteria

Personal success criteria are constantly updated professionally, to meet the same period of time various types of related companies or enterprises corresponding to the requirements; learning and work, family and social development in coordination with each other, and in the maximum realization of personal values; not illegal, not criminal, and have a certain contribution to the community of people.

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