Lenovo v480c solid state drive interface

Lenovo V480C can add SSD hard disk

Since the Lenovo V480C has a built-in DVD burner, you can, if you wish, buy a standard solid-state drive bracket by removing the CD-ROM drive and install the SSD in the CD-ROM drive bay.

Adopt it.

How many inches is the hard disk of Lenovo laptop V480c. Who can tell me! How do you buy such an interface

Laptop hard drives, invariably, are 2.5 inches.

The interfaces are all standard stat interfaces.

Yours is like that. You go to any place and just buy the laptop hard drive. Don’t think about the interface or anything. Hard disks with the old interfaces are rare nowadays. Unless you have a special need, no one else is going to take it and sell it to you.

Can you tell me what the Lenovo v480s laptop, the slot on the back, in the yellow box, that is the same size as the WiFi module, is plugged into and what it does?

It’s a solid state disk interface, the purpose is to expand capacity.

The role of solid-state drives:

Solid-state drives apply solid-state electronic memory chip arrays and made of hard disk, its biggest role is to read and write fast.

Solid-state drives use flash memory as the storage medium, and read speeds are much faster compared to mechanical hard drives.

Solid state drives can also increase the processing speed of your computer when reading and writing multiple files at the same time.

Secondly, SSDs are lightweight and consume less energy, features that make them lighter and more efficient compared to mechanical hard drives.