ppt text box how to divide the columns out of the

PPT text how to set up columns?

1, open PPT and create a blank manuscript.

2, click the text box button at the top of the PPT file.

3, enter text in the text box.

4. Right mouse click on the text box and click Set Shape Format to open the settings window on the right.

5. In the Settings window on the right, find the Text Options button.

6. In the expanded item under the Text Options button, find the Split Columns button.

7, and then click on the column button, in the pop-up dialog window number set to 2 or more than 2, spacing set the distance between columns (set according to their needs).

8, and then click OK, the column is set up.

PPT on the computer side of how to split the text into columns

PPT is one of the office software we now often use, and split columns is now often need to operate the effect. Today I will tell you how to computer PPT on the text of the column.

PPT text column how to set up (Method 1)

1. First of all, we open a computer PPT.

2. After entering the main interface, we click on the top of the design column, and then click on the bottom of the column in the board style,

3. In the drop-down selection window to choose one of their favorite.

4. Then we enter the text in the text box.

PPT text column how to set (method 2)

1. We click on the top of the Insert option, and then click on the bottom of the column in the text box option, in the pop-up window click on the horizontal text,

2 in the text box to enter text.

3. Then we again click on the text box under the Insert column and select Horizontal Text Box.

4 Enter the text in the text box, and then just adjust and change the position of the two text boxes.

ppt text column how to set

Generally when we need to show some of the content, will choose to make into a ppt, so that it is easy to watch and explain, if you need to add more text in the ppt, you can ppt to set up the column, so it looks more beautiful, so ppt column how to set it?

First of all, open a blank ppt need to set the text column, in the [Start] menu bar below, click on the [Layout] behind the small black triangle, in the [Master Layout] drop-down options, select the first line of the second layout;

Then in the text box, enter the text to be displayed can be.

ppt can not only create presentations, but also face-to-face meetings on the Internet, teleconferencing or online to the audience to show the presentation, you can easily share these customized slides with others to make presentations with a consistent and professional appearance, very practical and convenient, is an indispensable helper in our work.