Server firewall open command

What is the command to turn on the firewall in Win7?

The Win7 system comes with a firewall function, which is a barrier to protect the network security, and can prevent the invasion of foreign viruses. Generally win7 firewall is closed by default, if you want to use to open manually. There are many ways to open the firewall, which is very simple to open the firewall function with the command, so what is the win7 open firewall command? Read below, the tutorial shares the method of Win7 open firewall with command.

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1, open the run small window type CMD, press enter;

2, in the open DOS window type “netshfirewallsetopmodemode=enable” can be.

On the Win7 command to open the firewall method shared here, simple 2 steps, I hope this tutorial content can help you!

Linux firewall off and on commands

Linux firewall off and on commands:

Off: sudoufwdisable

On: sudoufwenable

Expanded: Linux firewall rule add and delete commands:

Add: sudoufwallowport/protocol

Delete: sudoufwdeleteport/protocol