The cad title bar and breakdown don’t match up

CAD drawings how to ensure that the title bar and the breakdown of the text part of the overall alignment with each other?

The position of the text in the title bar and the schedule can be customized, ah, dragging the text of the clip point can move the position, where appropriate to put where it is.

cad exported title bar size is not the same how to

To modify. cad exported title bar is not fixed, you can cad modification and replacement, in the size is not the same as the modification can be resolved to solve the problem, the solution is complete and then save it. cad is a computer-aided design of the acronym in English, the use of computer and its graphic equipment to help designers to design work.

Open eye CAD detail column and the title column is separated how to merge

Open the open eye file with Notepad, according to the title column or detail column to change the parameters can be.

The specific method is as follows open eye company has introduced:

My PCCAD2011 fill out the schedule and title bar has been prompted by an error

The reason is that CalculateExpressValue.dll has not been registered for the sake of the windows “Run” or “Command Window

The reason is that CalculateExpressValue.dll has not been registered. In windows “Run” or “Command Window”, you can type the following paragraph to get it done, most of the bugs encountered in the Tianhe schedule can be solved with this method, including not automatically calculating the total weight

regsvr32 “C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CommonFiles\THSOFTShared\”, and “CalculateExpressValue.dll” is not registered. CalculateExpressValue.dll”